Factair F8000 Safe Air Tester
Factair F8000 Safe Air Tester

Factair F8000 Safe Air Tester

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Factair F8000 Safe Air Tester most advanced portable breathing-air quality monitoring instrument.With a 7”touch screen colour display the instrument has been designed for ease of use making it easy to verify the quality of breathing-air systems against a range of international standards including EN12021, CGA G-7.1-2011 grade D and AS-NZS 1715:2009.

Factair F8000 Safe Air Tester Instrument Explanation

Safe-Air Testers are designed to provide a quick and easy method for carrying out accurate periodic
testing of breathing-air supplies. From the touch screen display the appropriate breathing-air
standard can be selected for your test.
The F8000, is designed primarily for use on airline systems up to 10 bar but can also test high pressure
charging systems when used in conjunction with the F3002 High Pressure Regulator.
The F8000 is supplied in a hard weatherproof case with storage provision for a wide range of
accessories and equipment.
The test is carried out using built in electrochemical cells for carbon monoxide and oxygen; infrared
LED sensor for the carbon dioxide and a Photo Ionisation Detector (PID) for Volatile Organic
Compounds. The moisture is measured with an electronic dewpoint meter and the instrument also
records airflow rate, pressure and ambient temperature. For measuring oil aerosols Draeger
Impactors are connected through a test port (or alternatively the Draeger oil chemical reagent tube).
The Draeger Impactors are supplied in packs of 10 and show the degree of oil contamination on a

Factair F8000 Safe Air Tester Quality

Factair’s Safe-Air Testers make accurate air quality testing to the requirements of EN12021 and a range of international standards even easier to complete. In the UK this ensures compliance with the mandatory requirements of COSHH L5.

Instruments are available in portable and continuous monitoring formats. The latest generation utilise electronic cells to test carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxygen with a PID sensor for volatile organic compounds which can include oil vapours and a test port for oil mist using the Draeger Impactor. Moisture is automatically measured with a built-in electronic dewpoint meter and there are digital readings for pressure, flow rate and ambient temperature.

The continuous monitoring instruments utilise similar detection technologies to the portable units but also include a range of alarm output options as well as SMS alarm and sensor reading updates. These instruments can also be connected to display, datalog and alarm on readings from external instruments.

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