Oil Skimmer : Cara Kerja, Jenis, dan Aplikasi

Oil Skimmer Small NC-22

Oil Skimmer adalah perangkat yang dirancang untuk menghilangkan minyak yang mengambang di permukaan cairan. Tergantung pada desain spesifiknya, mereka digunakan untuk berbagai aplikasi seperti respons tumpahan minyak, sebagai bagian dari sistem pengolahan air berminyak, menghilangkan minyak dari pendingin alat mesin dan pencuci bagian berair, dan mengumpulkan lemak minyak dan gemuk dalam pengolahan air limbah dalam … Lanjutkan membaca Oil Skimmer : Cara Kerja, Jenis, dan Aplikasi

KBT Conveyor Belt Systems

KBT Conveyor Belt Systems

KBT brand offers you products manufactured for heavy industry so that you can reliably protect and monitor your conveyor belt systems. KBT Conveyor Belt Systems Overview Our products are 100% produced in Turkey within our own structure. All kinds of special production can be made according to your needs of our products, which are designed … Lanjutkan membaca KBT Conveyor Belt Systems

Rotary Joint Systems

rotary system

Rotary Joint Systems is the only manufacturer to offer diverse rotary union technologies such as mechanical seals, Teflon seals, hydrostatic seals and integrated electrical slip rings. We’ve never been one to turn down a challenge or fail to meet the toughest, most stringent demands and needs of our customers. This is what has made Rotary … Lanjutkan membaca Rotary Joint Systems

SEISA GC Coupling Sumitomo Drive Technologies

SEISA GC Coupling

SEISA GC Coupling Sumitomo Drive Technologies Compensates for eccentricity and deflection angle between the shafts, and transmits the torque smoothly from the driving side. SEISA GC Coupling Sumitomo Drive Technologies Overview Misalignment between the shafts is corrected by the crowning gear, ensuring superior wear resistance and rigidity. The center and housing are separated, making assembly … Lanjutkan membaca SEISA GC Coupling Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Parmelee Pipe Wrench

Parmelee Pipe Wrench

Parmelee Pipe Wrench is a patented advancement based on the original 1869 Stillson & Walworth swiveling pipe wrench – the first non- monkey wrench of its kind that allows users to push and pull the wrench handle in one direction or the other to both grip and release cylindrical piping. Parmelee Pipe Wrench General Information … Lanjutkan membaca Parmelee Pipe Wrench