Gastec 4M Tabung Detector Hidrogen Sulfida

Tabung Detektor GASTEC menunjukkan konsentrasi langsung melalui skala terkalibrasi yang dicetak pada tabung. Produk ini menggunakan tabung 4M yang digunakan untuk Hidrogen Sulfida (H2S). Fitur Pengukuran di tempat dapat dilakukan dengan mudah oleh siapa saja, kapan saja dan di mana saja, dalam waktu singkat Pembacaan langsung yang mudah dilihat karena skala yang dikalibrasi dicetak langsung […]

Ege Elektronik special purpose sensors for automation

EGE-Elektronik Special Sensors GmbH has been developing and manufacturing special-purpose sensors for automation applications since 1976. The company serves leading international producers from a wide range of industries. Its product portfolio includes flow controllers, infrared, Opto and ultrasonic sensors, capacitive proximity switches, light barriers, and inductive proximity switches. EGE Elektronik also provides sensors for highly […]

Gas Analyzer

NGK Gas Analyzer Since its establishment, NGK has been engaged in manufacturing ceramic insulators and is now recognized as a leading manufacturer throughout the world. Over the past years, NGK developed O2 analyzers using technology based on ZIRCONIA. Most recently, NGK has produced various instruments independently or together with other manufacturers by adapting unique technology […]

NGK Oxygen analyzer

Oxygen (O2) analyzer is the third-most abundant element by mass in the universe after hydrogen (H2) and helium (He). It is also the most abundant element by mass in the Earth’s crust. Oxygen analyzer provides valuable measurements in combustion control, process quality, safety, and environmental applications. These are used in a variety of measurement scenarios […]