Drizit Oil and Chemical Pollution Control

Drizit Oil & Chemical Pollution Control or Drizit Environmental (Pty) Ltd manufacture and market a comprehensive range of pollution control products to help you maintain a safe and healthy working environment and meet environmental legislation. Drizit Oil & Chemical Pollution Control Operations asbestos removal, industrial tank & tanker cleaning, oil & chemical transfers, 24-hour hazmat […]

FY-50 Fu-Yang Oil Skimmer

Specification: Steel belt:width 50mm x thick 0.08mmSuction capacity: 0~10 ℓ/hrPower consumption: 6WWeight: 7kg Most current skimmer industry products are the following problems: A lot of belt oil skimmer design only single oil, low oil removal efficiency of energy-sided oil skimmer they often high prices, even bizarre high, greatly increasing the additional cost of customers. The […]


DESCRIPTION We provide Coolant Filtration System, Magnetic Separator and Super Easy Scrape Magnetic Separator with high quality.  Taiwan Coolant Filtration Supplier. The ferrous contaminants can be attracted, squeezing, and discharged automatically. No filter media consumption in the coolant filtration system. Use rare earth magnets, whose magnetic force is 8 times stronger than Ferrite magnets. FEATURES […]

Disc Type Oil Skimmer

DESCRIPTIONWe have rich experience in manufacturing various kinds of Oil Skimmer such as Disc Type Oil Skimmer, Belt Type Oil Skimmer, and Net Type Oil Skimmer. The Oil Skimmer removes floating oil on the coolant surface by a stainless steel plate, preventing coolant from deterioration. Equipped with oil/water separating tank, removing floating oil only and […]