FY-50 Fu-Yang Oil Skimmer


Steel belt:width 50mm x thick 0.08mm
Suction capacity: 0~10 ℓ/hr
Power consumption: 6W
Weight: 7kg

Most current skimmer industry products are the following problems:

  • A lot of belt oil skimmer design only single oil, low oil removal efficiency of energy-sided oil skimmer they often high prices, even bizarre high, greatly increasing the additional cost of customers.
  • The electrical part of the skimmer did not do a very good heat insulation, moisture treatment, or inadequately treated, due to higher oil tank or pool water temperature is generally at a temperature effect, the skimmer is prone to corrosion, short circuit, leakage, and another operational failure, seriously affect the safety performance and service life of the skimmer, increasing maintenance costs.
  • Due to the skimmer is interacting with a rubber plate and strip to complete degreasing, during use, manually adjust wiper plate, tightness is often difficult to grasp, or adjusted after a period of time, due to the oil density changes, scraping the oil appeared too loose, too tight, thus making incomplete or steel scraper stuck wheel slip phenomenon, and even cause the oil scraper plate steel and other serious wear.


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