Neutrik Industrial Connector

Neutrik industrial cable connector

Neutrik Group owned brand since the early 2000’s, Brand NEUTRIK®, NEUTRIK REAN, CONTRIK and has been repositioned as a global supplier with an extensive portfolio of ultra-robust, high reliability connectors for designers of audio, video and lighting products, offering unrivalled cost-performance ratios, backed by a global supply chain and highly experienced regional sales network. Additionally, … Lanjutkan membaca Neutrik Industrial Connector

Mercotac Two Conductor Electrical Connectors

Two Conductor Electrical Connectors

Two Conductors 4 Amps Electrical Connectors Model 205 Mercotac model 205 is ideal for two-wire applications, such as thermocouples, strain gages, eddy current test devices, and wind turbine blade sensors, due to its compact size, quality signal connection, low torque and low cost. Model 205 replaces the old model 590 for Leslie speakers and Hammond … Lanjutkan membaca Mercotac Two Conductor Electrical Connectors

Power Connectors Amphenol HP Series

Power Connectors HP Series- Amphenol

HP Series connectors are suitable for AC power supply where a latch locking connector is required. They are rated at 25 A / 250 Vac. Connectors are keyed and color-coded for power-in (Blue) and power-out (Grey). Power Connectors HP Series- Amphenol Features: Quick-release, vibration resistant latch lock3 poleScrew Terminals or Solder Tab 3/16”Chuck type cable … Lanjutkan membaca Power Connectors Amphenol HP Series

HPT Series Amphenol, connectors

HPT Series connectors- Amphenol

HPT Series connectors are suitable for AC power supply where a durable latch locking connector is required. They are rated at 16A, 250 Vac. HPT Series connectors can be connected or disconnected under load and are IP65 rated. Features: 2+PE contact layout Quick-release, vibration resistant latch lockable High impact UV resistant material True Mains Connector … Lanjutkan membaca HPT Series Amphenol, connectors

XLRnet RJ45 Amphenol Ethernet Series Data Connector

XLR Connector G-Type Miniature XLR Connectors-Amphenol

XLRnet was designed in conjunction with the Amphenol Data / Telecom product group of Amphenol Canada Corp., a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation. Utilizing our combined expertise and knowledge of the professional audio and high-speed data markets we are proud to offer the XLRnet series. Featuring Class D (10/100 BASE-T), CAT5E (1000 BASE-T), or CAT6 (10GBASE-T) … Lanjutkan membaca XLRnet RJ45 Amphenol Ethernet Series Data Connector

MP-41 Multipin Amphenol Connectors

MP-41 Series Multipin Connectors

Amphenol’s MP-41 series of multipin connectors utilize the same design principals of the rugged Mil-C-5015 military connectors. They can withstand high shock and vibration environments and are ideal for tough on-road applications. MP-41 Series Multipin Connectors Featuring a quick mating bayonet coupling with an audible full mating feature ensures a positive connection every time. Available … Lanjutkan membaca MP-41 Multipin Amphenol Connectors