J. Schneider CAPTEC 2401

J. Schneider CAPTEC 2401

J. Schneider CAPTEC 2401 Capacitor Buffered Power Supply. The AC CAPTEC 2401 is a regulated power supply with integrated ultracapacitors and integrated line protection. In addition to the regulated supply of the load, the integrated ultra-capacitors will be charged within a few seconds under mains operation.

In the event of a power failure, the AC CAPTEC 2401 guarantees uninterrupted and safe supply of the DC voltage according the stored energy in the capacitors.

Peak current (pulsed) up to 10 A for 10 ms are possible with charged capacitors.


The AC CAPTEC 2401 has the following features:

  • Regulated power supply with protective separation
  • Wide range voltage input 80 – 264 V AC
  • Wide operating temperature -40°C up to +60°C
  • Maintenance-free thanks to long-life capacitors
  • Microcontroller-based charging and discharging of the ultra-capacitors
  • Operating and charge status monitoring via LEDs and signaling contacts

J. Schneider CAPTEC 2401 Technical Data


Nominal input voltage

110 V AC / 230 V AC +15 % /-10 %


50 / 60 Hz ±3 Hz

Nominal input current

0,2 A

@ (Ue = 230 V DC, Ua = 24 V DC, Ia = 1 A)

Inrush current

25 A @ 115 V AC  / 45 A @ 230 V AC

Nominal input power

28 W
@ (Ue = 230 V DC, Ua = 24 V DC, Ia = 1 A)


Nominal output voltage

24 V DC

Output voltage in back-up operation

23,3 V DC ±2 %

Residual ripple

200 mVpp

Nominal output current

1 A

Current limitation

See insruction Manual chapter 5

Energy (typical)

600 J (Ws)
@ (Ua = 23,3 V DC, Ia = 1 A)

Power loss (self-consumptions)

3,3 W

Energy consumption in buffer operation

1 W

Short-cicuit proof

See insruction Manual chapter 5


Fuse input

2 A F


Protective system housing


Overvoltage degree


Degree of pollution


Dimensions (H x W x D)

91 mm x 106 mm x 62 mm


0,3 kg

Operational temperature / storage temperature

Operational temperature UL prooved

-40 °C…+60 °C

+10 °C…+60 °C


≤90 no condensation

Max. height above sea level (without load reduction)

2000 m

Download : Datasheet

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Source: Indonesia Industrial Parts – Measurement, Equipment, Electrical & Control (inaparts.com)

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