BHV Senszory Pressure Gauge Devices and Systems

BHV Senszory

BHV Senszory Pressure Gauge Devices and Systems has been founded in 1991. Since the very beginning, we have been focusing on pressure gauge devices and systems. The majority of the product range is designed to be used either in industrial automation and regulation systems.

BHV Senszory Pressure Gauge Devices and Systems

Our products also serve as components in all kinds of machinery and equipment. At the very beginning in 1991 we started with a sole product a differential pressure transducer. Since its origin this product has undergone several innovations. Thanks to its unique properties given by a simple but exceptional construction, it is of use in cryogenic technology and other specific applications.

In 1996 our product range has been expanded by diaphragm type chemical seals designed for demanding applications in chemical, paper and food industries. We also have chemical seals with a tantal diaphragm designed for contact with aggressive acids. In this specialty market we can compete with the most popular brands.

Depending on the application, our chemical seals can be combined with pressure gauges and pressure transmitters manufactured by various producers. Our in-house operation includes beside others high-quality stainless-steel machining, laser welding of thin stainless-steel or tantal sheets, microplasma welding etc. Production Department use vacuum technology to fill the complete systems with silicon oil or by other liquid. We mastered tests of metrology parameters related to pressure gauges in order to minimize the temperature errors.

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BHV SENZORY s.r.o. is able to design and produce chemical seals to the specific requirements of our customers. Our equipment and expertise are beneficial in repairing chemical seals of other producers. Production and application experience allowed us to enter the field of high quality consulting.

BHV Senszory Pressure Gauge Devices and Systems Products

BHV Senszory Products
BHV Senszory Products


  1. Pressure Transducer
  2. Chemical Seals
  3. Level Measurements
  4. Pressure Gauges
  5. Pressure Switch
  6. Thermometers
  7. Mechanical Accessories
  8. Valves
  9. Etc


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