Omiko Instrumentation and Control

Omiko Instrumentation and Control

Omiko Instrumentation and Control doo was founded in 1991 and with more than 25 years of experience in the process industry has positioned itself as the leading company for process instrumentation in Croatia.

General Information

With its wide range of equipment and services, OMIKO doo can respond to all the challenges that modern industry poses today.To young and promising staff who are educated by the best engineers in their areas of expertise, we ensure continuous improvement of the service we provide to customers. By using the most modern solutions and standardizing the work process, we raise the quality of service and maintain competitiveness in the market.

OMIKO doo offers its customers measuring equipment, design, development of application solutions, commissioning of delivered measuring equipment, user training, service and spare parts. Continuous customer support beyond the warranty period, equipment quality, and durability. It is the foundation on which we maintain the trust of our partners.

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Omiko Instrumentation and Control Values


We are responsible and communicate openly. We actively listen, give and receive feedback. We keep our promises, without compromise. We look at each client as a partner and this is the foundation on which we build long-term cooperation.


We set ourselves challenging goals and strive for excellence. Our engineers undergo trainings around the world. This is felt in our products, services and support. Taking care of even the smallest detail makes everything we do different and better. We learn from our own experience and grow continuously.


With our solutions, we always try to make long-term savings for the customer by finding the optimal solution. This enables a quick return on investment. By building a long-term partnership we cannot afford dissatisfaction on the part of the client.


With technological solutions, we continuously improve the company’s processes, thus optimizing and speeding up work, and the end customer gets a better service. Only with such continuous progress can we maintain competitiveness in the market.


Every individual is important and contributes to the success of the company. We respond to the needs of each individual and thus achieve common goals. We use diversity constructively. Tolerance and creativity are the basis for individual solutions that meet the requirements of our customers.


As a company that has been in business for more than 25 years, we have proven that we can maintain the stability of our business and our customers regardless of turbulent market situations. This will continue to the mutual satisfaction of our employees and clients.

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Omiko Instrumentation and Control Advocacy program

The representative program has been the main branch of activity and business of OMIKO for over 25 years. The representative program has been changed and supplemented over the years in order to offer clients the widest possible range of measuring equipment. We are extremely proud that we have become the leading company in the Republic of Croatia in the field of industrial measuring equipment with the breadth and quality of our production program. There is almost no industry in Croatia with which we do not have cooperation.


We built engineering slowly to meet all the wishes of our clients. By founding engineering, our clients got a partner who can not only offer them equipment but can offer them complete solutions.

By designing conceptual and implementation projects, we provide support to the client through the most complex phases of investment projects. We have been building knowledge for many years in the most complex process industries such as the pharmaceutical API manufacturing and the oil industry.

In addition to the equipment we have, we also perform service measurement activities, thus completing the analysis of existing plants and enabling the client to always choose the most optimal and most efficient solution.


In order to maintain the delivered equipment and enable the customer not to worry about delays in the production process, we have a service with the most modern service equipment in the company. Our highly educated employees go to trainings with the world’s best experts at least once a year. So they are always in step with the most modern world technologies we offer.

When the production process requires services, we also do customer production facilities. We are also able to perform calibration and verification of all devices that we supply in cooperation with the companies we represent.

Omiko Instrumentation and Control Products

Omiko Instrumentation and Control Product
Omiko Instrumentation and Control Product
  1. Flow
  2. Level
  3. Pressure
  4. Telemetry
  5. Valve
  6. Etc

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