NTK Cutting Tools
NTK Cutting Tools

NTK Cutting Tools

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NTK Cutting Tools Japan is a division of NGK Spark Plug CO.,LTD in which its head office is located in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It also has several branches in all over Japan, such as Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai, and, Fukuoka, and also branches worldwide, such as in North Amerika (USA and Mexico), Europe (Germany and UK), and also in Asia (Korea, Thailand, and China).

Ceramic cutting tools revolutionized the automotive manufacturing industry. In 1958 NTK started selling ceramic tools. At the time, it was common to machine cast iron brake discs using carbide tools. Automobile production increased which led to the demand for an increased number of parts to be manufactured. Ceramic cutting tools answered the demands with efficient high speed machining conditions. Our products have been a great support to the Japanese automotive parts manufacturers. NTK is proud to support the entire global manufacturing industry today and Into the future.

The evolution of Information Technology (IT) has expanded the use of Automatic CNC lathes (Swiss CNC lathes). In 1992 NTK began selling Swiss automatic CNC lathe tooling The expansion of personal computers and automated equipment lead to an increase in demand for precision parts. To meet these needs NTK lead the Industry in launching a complete Swiss tooling line Including replaceable inserts.

The carbide inserts brought a reduction in edge grinding process time, longer tool life and more consistent work-piece dimensions. As a result, efficiency to the production of precision parts was realized. NTK is proud to provide Its support to this Industry.

NTK Cutting Tools Vision

  • Machining stability at manufacturing sites
  • Provide new value in the industry that carries on the next generation of manufacturing

NTK also launching BIDEMICS in 2015, for machining heat resistant alloy parts. To meet the increasing demand for aircrafts, engine parts manufacturers need to look for effective ways to improve their productivity. Aircraft engine parts made from heat resistant alloys are extremely difficult to machine. Even mainstream whisker ceramic inserts needed to be replaced every 5 minutes. NTK met the challenge and developed BIDEMICS to achieve double the tool life of whisker ceramic and providing superior performance with high speed machining of heat resistant alloys. NTKIS proud to support the global aerospace manufacturing industry today and into the future

NTK Cutting Tools Products

  • Tooling for Swiss Type Lathes
  • Heat Resistant Alloy Machining
  • Cast iron/Ductile cast iron Machining
  • Hardened material Machining
  • Drilling | Aluminum Milling Mill Rolls Machining

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