Tuthill Corporation Industrial Pump Manufacturer

Tuthill Corporation Industrial Pump Manufacturer

Tuthill Corporation has a long history of manufacturing – over 130 years! Our family business began as we made bricks that became Chicago’s foundation. Innovation eventually drove us to begin manufacturing rotating equipment that would serve other foundations – human life. This is the core of our existence and what drives Tuthill to diversify and better serve the needs of the world. The extensive list of pumps and blower technology manufactured over our history powered industries including agriculture, food & beverage, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, construction, medical, and mining.​

Tuthill Corporation General Descriptions

Fill-Rite®, proudly manufactured by Tuthill, offers the most rugged and reliable brand of high-value pumps, meters, and accessories for your fluid dispensing needs. When you choose a red Fill-Rite fuel pump, you know it will work for years to come. Install it, forget it, and focus on what makes you the most profit.

We manufacture each Fill-Rite product to endure the test of time and your daily grind. From our Limited Lifetime Warranty on select products to our world-class channel partners and Customer Service team, we are dedicated to your happiness with our brand. Let us know how we can serve you today!

Fill-Rite’s Fuel Management System (FMS) combines hardware, a mobile application, and web portal to give you real-time control over your fuel. Enabling you with a web-based application to access your information anywhere at any time, with robust tracking tools to identify and stop theft, automated tax refunds for off-road fuel use, customizable and automated reports, and an expandable module set up, Fill-Rite’s Fuel Management System is the last FMS you’ll ever need.

Tuthill Corporation Products

Tuthill technical expertise and support provides customers with solutions for pumping applications that are difficult or complex.

  • Lubrications Pumps
  • Magnetically Coupled
  • Process Pump



Tuthill GlobalGear and HD pumps are suitable for pumping asphalt and are used in many asphalt applications, including bulk transfer, loading/unloading of tankers, (highway and rail types), transferring from main storage-tank to production tanks, feeding of production installation, e.g. production of roof shingles, and mobile road repair equipment.

In most applications asphalt is pumped at temperatures of 270 ºF to 400 ºF to reduce the viscosity (100 to 7500cPs) and ease processing. To maximize efficiency of pumps in asphalt service, Tuthill has incorporated a range of options that make our pumps ideal for various asphalt applications.

Automotive Fuel Injection Cleaning

The automotive fuel injection cleaning machine manufacturers typically use Tuthill Miniature Magnetically Coupled External Gear Pumps. The Tuthill pumps temporarily replace the vehicle fuel pump and supply the gasoline or diesel fuel mixed with cleaning agents. The pumps are driven by a 12 volt DC motor powered by the vehicle engine battery making the machines portable.

Polyphenylene sulfide engineered plastic and 316 stainless steel construction is chemically compatible with the fuels and additives. The Tuthill Miniature Magnetically Coupled External Gear Pumps are ideal for fuel injection cleaning machines due to their leak free design, compact size, long life, smooth flow, reversing capability, high efficiency, and high-pressure capability…read more

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