Jakmey screw driver
Jakmey screw driver

Jakemy Precision Tools

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Jakemy Precision Tools As a professional screwdriver manufacturer, Jakemy has an independent R&D team for independent product development and update, an independent factory and warehouse, as well as equipment for R&D and processing of products, and rich experience in manufacturing and exporting various hand tools and outdoor tools.

About Jakemy Precision Tools

Jakemy provides high-quality precision screwdriver kits, electric screwdrivers, advanced mobile phone repair tools, hand tools, and tool accessories.

The precision screwdrivers we provide are mainly used for home improvement repairs, mobile phone repairs, electronic and electrical repairs, and other household equipment repairs, disassembly, and assembly. We have more than 15 years of leading expertise in the manufacturing, export business, and production of precision screwdrivers and other repair tools and accessories.

In addition, we also provide various customized services such as pre-sales services, OEM, and ODM,  Brands JACKLY and JAKEMYin manufacturing and exporting various hand tools and outdoor tools. and production of precision screwdrivers, screwdriver sets, and other maintenance tools, and provide customers with OEM&ODM services. We have been marketing and developing different types of products based on the ever-changing screwdriver manufacturers in China.

Jakmey screw driver
Jakmey screw driver

Drive or remove screws easily and efficiently with the right screwdriver. We provide a wide selection of small screwdriver sets, such as household hardware screwdriver, telecommunication repair screwdriver, electric repair tool and DIY repair toolkit. Choose the right one according to your demand. Our small screwdriver sets are convenient and portable to use.

Jakemy Precision Tools Products

Household Hardware Screwdriver Set Series 6

One precision screwdriver kit is basically a hardware hand tool that every household must-have. When furniture and electric appliances need to be repaired, a professional screwdriver set would be of great help. Our household hardware screwdriver sets are a series of different types of magnetic precision screwdriver sets, providing customers with more convenience and choices. All our precision repair kits have undergone strict quality testing to ensure long-term use. And the heads of these screwdrivers are magnetic, making them easier to work.

Telecommunications Repair Screwdriver Set Series 8

With a lightweight and compact design, our telecommunication repair screwdriver sets help you solve the problem of screwing. You can use our electronic screwdriver set to repair a wide variety of electronic devices like computers, laptops, mobile devices, wristwatches, and eyeglasses. Whatever you are a professional or amateur in the IT world, you can easily use our mobile screwdriver set to repair electronic devices.

Electric Repair Tool Series Y

We provide many types of mini electric precision screwdrivers for you to select. And according to our latest technology, many functions have been upgraded, which can meet your needs for skin-friendly design and more intelligent functions. Get your electronics screwdriver kit from the professional manufacturer with low minimum order quantity. Worldwide shipping at reasonable price!

DIY Repair Toolkit Series P

As a professional screwdriver manufacturer, the electronic repair kit provided can meet all the repair needs of your equipment. The advanced professional electronic repair tool kit is specially designed for fixing various equipment with a portable bag. Jakemy electronic repair kits are sturdy and durable and use professional functions. They are very cost-effective. With absolute price advantage, come and take a look at the latest DIY electronic repair kit!

Tool Accessories Series

When repairing a device, screwdriver accessories can be a great help. All kinds of screwdriver set accessories are provided for you to choose here. They must can be your best helper and help you out of different repairing problems.

Garden Life Series G

Every household need to have a high-power and convenient gardening kit. When plants need watering and pruning, garden life kit would be a great help. Come to look at the kit and make a healthy and beautiful garden.

Water is important to plants, and regular watering is good for plants’ growth. JAKEMY Garden Life Series provides JM-G01, an automatic drip irrigation kit that is very convenient and brings you a better life.

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