eurofire fire protection system
eurofire fire protection system

Eurofyre Fire Detection and Safety

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Eurofyre is a global provider of specialist fire detection and associated safety products for commercial and industrial applications. The systems we manufacture, supply and promote are designed to give users time to respond to possible threats before the loss of critical infrastructure, high-value assets, business and, most crucially, life.

Based in the south of the UK, Eurofyre Ltd is a privately owned company established in 2007. Our ambition is to provide the highest possible quality and level of service to all of our customers and we strive to achieve this by providing concise online literature and specific training programs together with excellent pre- and post-sale technical support.

The Complete System Supplier

To meet the demands of today’s fire alarm and life safety requirements, we have positioned ourselves as the “complete system supplier” to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

We supply a wide range of solutions for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications and we provide advice on what product best suits the application from both a practical and cost-effective standpoint.

eurofire fire alarm protection system
eurofire fire alarm protection system

Air Sampling Smoke Detection Systems (ASD)

Since 2007, Eurofyre has represented Xtralis as a major technical wholesaler, initially as the central point of contact for the ICAM range of products and, more recently, for the complete range of all products manufactured by the company.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Eurofyre offers a complete own brand range of both conventional and addressable fire detection and alarm products to suit the complete spectrum of applications. We also represent, as the main UK distributor, the unique NSC range of Apollo and Hochiki compatible fire alarm panels.

Our products cover the complete scope of fire panel solutions from basic conventional to full multi-way addressable and include innovative two wire products. We offer advice on all application and design

  •  Water Leak Detection

enquiries, and tailor our advice, not on commercial experience, but on what we consider to be the best solution for the customer for the given application.

All products are fully supported and stocked, and technical training is available either at our Wickham office, which is free of charge, or on-site which is usually chargeable.

Wireless Fire Detection

Wi-Fyre is an own brand wireless fire detection range of products designed and manufactured by Eurofyre. The product is unique and can provide both a solution for new installations but also a flexible and cost-effective, and non-invasive solution, to extending existing installations.

We fully support the general consensus within the industry that wired fire alarm systems remain the most secure solution for the majority of installations, but we recognise the demand for wireless fire detection. We have, therefore, developed a product that provides a hybrid solution that offers a flexible and cost-effective way of adding to existing installations or forming part of new installations.

Wi-Fyre products can be seamlessly used as a part of the Eurofyre product range or added to OEM systems as part of an extended installation.

Linear Heat Detection (LHD)

LHD products provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for providing fire detection for areas that have restricted access and are environmentally challenging such as multi-storey car parks and void spaces.

Although this type of detection solution has been an established product for many years, new manufacturing processes and innovative control panel technology make it an effective form of detection for a wide variety of applications and, in consequence, is being viewed positively by specifiers and end users as a solution to design and conformance for fire detection.

We provide product and design advice and, as part of our training on linear heat detection, we show how the LHD products can be integrated with our wireless product to provide a unique solution to protecting remote and difficult to access hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

The FyreLine own brand products cover both digital and analogue requirements and can be integrated with the Eurofyre product range or used seamlessly with OEM systems available within the market.

Emergency Voice Communication

An Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) system provides two-way communication between the emergency services and people inside a building who need assistance with evacuation.

EVC systems are fixed, monitored and maintained, bidirectional, full-duplex communications systems. They allow voice communication in either direction between a central location point and a number of points known as “outstations” located around the building or building complex.

An emergency voice communication system includes fire telephones, disabled refuge and disabled toilet alarms…read more

Water Leak Detection

In addition to the loss of a building or services by fire, we also recognise there is often a much greater risk of disruption and damage to assets through water leaks, and as part of our cable technology, we provide water leak detection which can continuously monitor specific or large areas in vulnerable sections of buildings. This is a product that is being increasingly recommended by commercial insurers and can often be a requirement for full coverage.

Advice on installation and integration with fire and BMS is available within our technical services department.

 Gas Monitoring Products

Eurofyre provides a complete range of both flammable and toxic gas detection products ranging from standalone to multi-point addressable. We also act as the main distributor for the Honeywell portable and domestic range.

Our expertise and experience cover supply, design and advice for domestic use of detectors for carbon monoxide and flammable gas such as methane, CO detection within car parks, and the use of specialist microbore products to detect CO2 leaks in nuclear power facilities, and hazardous toxic and flammable detection in petrochemical facilities.

Eurofyre manufacture and supply a range of fire, smoke, heat and gas detection systems to suit a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Aspirating Smoke Detection

Aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems use powerful aspirators to actively draw air from a protected area through a network of pipes and into a detection chamber. Aspirating smoke detectors are highly sensitive and can detect smoke even before it is visible to the human eye.

ASD systems are well suited to applications where highly sensitive rapid smoke detection is required and can provide reliable detection for large open spaces, areas with high airflow or dirty environments. ASD uses discrete sampling points making it suitable for areas where aesthetics are important.

  • VESDA VLF by Xtralis provides superior very early warning, air-sampling smoke detection for small, business-critical spaces such as switch rooms, server rooms and cabinets.VLF aspirating smoke detectors continually draw air into the sampling chamber via discrete sampling holes in an aspirating pipe network. The air is filtered before entering the chamber, where light scattering technology detects even a very small amount of smoke. The detector communicates its status information on its intuitive ‘smoke dial’ display and via relays or optional interface cards.
  • The VESDA VLI by Xtralis is an industry first early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system, designed to protect industrial applications and harsh environments of up to 2000m2 (20,000 sq. ft.).
  • VESDA VLC Aspirating Smoke Detectors have been specifically designed to provide all the benefits of aspirating smoke detection in single environment small areas and where space is limited.VLC detectors incorporate a modified aspirator design combined with the well-proven VESDA VLP detection technology into a compact enclosure with a simplified display.
  • The Xtralis VESDA VLP Aspirating Smoke Detectors is classed as a “Very Early Warning Smoke Detector”. This means that it can accurately measure very low to extremely high concentrations of smoke and can reliably detect fire at the earliest stage possible.The VESDA VLP Aspirating Smoke Detector is the central element of the VESDA ASD product range and uses unique detection properties to provide an alarm sensitivity range of 0.0005% to 20% obscuration/m (0.0015%–6.25% obscuration/ft).
  • The VESDA VLS detector is a similar detector to the standard VESDA VLP, however, it also includes a valve mechanism in the inlet manifold and software to control the airflow from the four pipes.The VLS detector draws air from all sectors in use and if the smoke level reaches the Adaptive Scan Threshold, the detector quickly scans each pipe to identify which pipe is carrying smoke. However, if more than one pipe is transporting smoke, the sector with the highest smoke concentration is designated as the First Alarm Sector (FAS).
  • VESDA VLC Marine aspirating smoke detectors provide all the benefits of aspirating smoke detection, including very early warning of fire, for marine environments. These detectors have been through additional rigorous testing to ensure optimum performance in even the most challenging of marine applications.VESDA VLC Marine detectors combine tried and tested VESDA Laser detection technology, dual-stage air filtration technology and a reliable aspirator design (similar to the standard VLC detectors) with a compact, IP30 rated enclosure with a simplified display.
  • VESDA VLC-EX (LaserCOMPACT) detectors have been designed to provide all the benefits of aspirating smoke detection, including very early warning, for the protection of hazardous applications with Zone 2 classification. The VLC-EX combines a modified aspirator design with well-proven VESDA VLP detection technology and incorporates them into a stainless steel enclosure with an IP54 rating.The detector’s stainless steel housing has two parts: the main enclosure and the front cover. The main enclosure contains all the key components of the detector, keeping all the non-serviceable components such as the main processor board and the detection chamber mounted away from the general access area to protect them during installation and servicing processes.
  • The Xtralis Class C (XCC) detector is specifically designed to provide a convenient solution for meeting the requirements for a normal sensitivity EN54-20 Class C aspirating smoke detector (ASD).The XCC offers cost effective normal sensitivity aspirating detection making it ideal where an ASD is needed to overcome the limitations of point detectors. The XCC provides support for flexible ASD pipe network designs to meet the needs of a wide range of environments. When smoke is difficult to detect due to high ceilings and other factors, XCC’s active sampling provides reliable protection. Maintenance access difficulties can be avoided by positioning the detector at ground level or outside the protected area. Discreet capillary air sampling provides unobtrusive detection where ‘invisible’ protection is required. In dirty environments, the XCC helps to reduce nuisance alarms through discrimination between dirt and smoke. In addition, its clean air barrier protects the detection chamber optics for reduced maintenance and longer detector life.
  • The Xtralis ICAM IFT-P Aspirating Smoke Detector is a very early warning smoke detector that can reliably detect fire during its early stages. ICAM IFT-P detectors have a sensitivity range from 0.001% to 20% obscuration/m (0.0003% to 6.10% obscuration/ft) and can detect low to high concentrations of smoke over an area of up to 2000 m2 (21 500 ft2).Xtralis ICAM IFT-P detectors can be configured to suit an assortment of different environments and can provide reliable and accurate smoke detection for heavy industrial applications such as factories, chemical plants, mining facilities and warehouses as well as telecommunications and IT facilities.
  • The XTRALIS ICAM ILS Aspirating Smoke Detector provides laser air-sampling smoke detection to meet the individual requirements of many industrial and commercial applications. ICAM ILS detectors are suitable for both medium sensitivity and multi-hole Class C applications.These detectors are compact, rugged, waterproof and extremely versatile making them suitable for both general coverage and localised protection of equipment cabinets or ductwor.

 Linear Heat Detection

FyreLine linear heat detection provides early warning of fire or overheating equipment. Heat sensing cables are capable of detecting heat anywhere along their length and designed for use in commercial and industrial applications.

Linear heat detection is highly cost-effective and can be easily installed with, or in place of, conventional heat detectors where traditional style detection may be difficult to install or maintain or is too expensive.

  • FyreLine EN54 Fixed Linear Heat Detection provides a fixed heat detection solution that is approved to BS EN54-28:2016; the European Standard for non-resettable line-type heat detectors.FyreLine EN54 Fixed supports two zones of up to 1000m and can be connected to either a conventional or addressable fire alarm control panel. Once a zone has been triggered, the system’s control panel calculates the distance along the cable to the alarm location, enabling the end user to investigate the threat and take the necessary action.
  • FyreLine Digital Linear Heat Detection Systems provide a cost-effective and reliable fixed temperature heat detection solution that is suited to a wide range of applications.FyreLine Digital Heat Sensing Cable is comprised of two tri-metallic conductors that are covered with advanced temperature sensitive polymers. The two conductors are twisted together and a protective outer sheathing is wrapped around them.
  • The FyreLine Analogue Heat Detector is a rugged, easy-to-install detection system, consisting of a control module and detection cable, that is designed to interface with a standard fire alarm panel or addressable monitor module.FyreLine Analogue Heat Detectors automatically compensate for changes in ambient temperature to maintain the accuracy of the alarm temperature and offer up to 500 metres of continuous detection per control module. This flexibility makes FyreLine Analogue Heat detectors extremely flexible for use in a wide range of applications.
  • The FyreLine Zintec and Stainless Steel mounting accessories have been specifically chosen to comply with the latest requirements detailed in BS 5839-1 (Code of practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings).Methods of cable support should be non-combustible and such that circuit integrity will not be reduced below that afforded by the cable used, and should withstand a similar temperature and duration to that of the cable, while maintaining adequate support.
  • The FyreLine hazardous area ancilliaries are for applications such as floating roof tanks and fixed tanks.
    Wireless Fire Detection

Wi-Fyre, the product of choice for ‘flexible’ wireless fire detection integration and control.

Until recently, wireless technology has only been available as a full, system-based solution, making it difficult or impossible to specify or combine the true strengths and economies of the two available technologies, hard-wired and wireless.

Wireless fire detection and fire alarm systems have proven to be an important, flexible solution for many owners, architects, specifiers, installers and fire professionals for well over 2 decades, with each decision to choose wireless in place of traditional hard-wired technology being made for specific reasons – accessibility, speed of installation, to minimise building disruption and to counter architectural issues.

Wi-Fyre, a new development from Eurofyre Limited, has been designed to eliminate this barrier, whilst building on traditional key- strengths to make wireless device integration and control more flexible than ever before – allowing hardwired and wireless detection technologies to co-exist seamlessly in appropriate proportions, irrespective of the type, age or technology of the existing ‘host’ hard-wired system.

  • The Wi-Fyre Transponder has been designed to communicate with up to 30 mixed field devices such as smoke and heat detectors, manual call points, sounders and LED indicators, and input/output devices.There are two versions with or without LCD indication. The Wi-Fyre Transponder is small and easy to install. Commissioning is accomplished either using an inbuilt 5 button plus LCD panel front display, or via an optional Wi-Fyre PC interface card connected to a PC or laptop.
  • The Wi-Fyre Wireless Optical Detector consists of a optical smoke detector head combined with a Wi-Fyre wireless base. The Wi-Fyre Optical Smoke Detector uses a pulsing IR LED & photo diode to detect IR scatter caused by smoke entering the chamber.
  • The Wi-Fyre wireless heat detectors are available in three variants:The Wi-Fyre Wireless A2R Heat Detector consists of a ProFyre ROR heat detector head combined with the Wi-Fyre wireless base.
  • The ROR heat detector uses a thermistor arrangement to sense a quick rise in temperature and also a final threshold temperature of 57°C.
  • The Wi-Fyre Wireless Optical Heat Detector consists of a ProFyre optical-heat detector head combined with the Wi-Fyre wireless base. The detector uses or logic and is designed to respond to both smoke and/or heat, whichever is triggered first, and is designed and tested in accordance with EN54 parts 5 & 7.
  • The Wi-Fyre Wireless Manual Call Point is for surface mounting application and has a unique operating element that mimics the feel of breaking glass, whilst providing the benefit of being fully resettable using a special test/reset key mechanism.
  • The Wi-Fyre Wireless Sounder has been designed for wall or ceiling mounting. It is available in either red or white finishes and has 8 user selectable tones to choose from, in addition to a volume control.
  • The Wi-Fyre Wireless Input/Output Module has been designed to provide a means to trigger an alarm or fault from ancillary input operations and/or to switch remote equipment in the event of an alarm condition. When operating together with a transponder set to mode 5, it can also be used as a reflective input/output device to wirelessly interconnect two or more stand-alone fire alarm panels together.
  • The Wi-Fyre Wireless Sounder Platform has been designed to allow other, compatible sounders to be mounted directly on to its large area face-plate.
    Fire Detection

Eurofyre manufacture and supply a range of analogue addressable, 2-wire addressable and conventional fire detection systems. Our fire detection systems cater for a variety of applications with systems to suit very small to very large properties. All of our fire detection systems are built using an ‘open’ protocol giving the owner the freedom to choose their own installer or maintenance company.

Domestic Smoke, Heat and CO Alarms

Our domestic smoke, heat and CO Alarms provide a complete residential safety system. Each battery-powered device has a lifespan of either seven or ten years. These alarms are designed to suit the needs of anyone from professional landlords to safety-conscious homeowners. The domestic alarms we supply are maintenance free and can be interconnected wirelessly for increased protection.

Wireless/Hybrid Fire Detection

Our hybrid detection solution, Wi-Fyre, allows hardwired and wireless detection devices to work together to form a complete detection solution. Wi-Fyre wireless detectors, sounders, manual call points and input/output modules can be connected to most new or existing hardwired fire alarm systems.

Gas Detection

Eurofyre’s gas detection systems provide economic and reliable monitoring of gas levels in a wide range of environments and applications such as cabins, enclosures, cabinets, boiler or plant rooms, gas meter houses, battery charger rooms and many other commercial and industrial applications.

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