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Eastern Instruments

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Eastern Instruments is an engineered solutions company located adjacent to the North Carolina International State Port in Wilmington, North Carolina. Since 1984, the Company has been engaged in the development of solid particle mass flow and airflow measurement and control systems for clients in a variety of industries including the food, petrochemical and agricultural industries. Many of the legend companies use Eastern Instruments in the processes that make the brands that touch the lives of millions every day.

The History About Eastern Instruments

Founded in 1984, Eastern has evolved into a manufacturing organization that builds engineered-to-order components as well as complete systems for clients located around the globe. Backed by more than thirty patents and an experienced staff of engineers and designers, the Company’s focus is on the use of mass flow technology in applications that involve mixing, blending, inventory control, truck/rail car load out, and much more.

The company operates a facility within the Landmark Industrial Are a. Included within this facility are our general and engineering offices, our prototype development studio and our systems assembly and machine and fabrication shops as well as a complete testing laboratory which has the capability of replicating most customer applications for solids mass flow measurement. An airflow chamber is also available for testing and validation.

Product Lines of Eastern Instrument

Eastern Instruments manufactures a complete line of mass flowmeters and flow measurement devices for accurately measuring both air flow and solids. Our line of solids mass flow meters can be incorporated with a feed device of our design or with an existing feed device to not only measure but also control the flow of product. Contact us today with your application.

Eastern Instruments Products
Eastern Instruments Products

Solids Flow Products

Gravimetric solids flow measurement provides greater control and long term accuracy than alternatives such as volumetric scales and feeders, but not all gravimetric flow meters achieve the same level of accuracy and control. While both weigh belts and loss-in-weight feeders are gravimetric devices, they too are prone to error with even slight variations in particle size and density.

The key to achieving the best results with a gravimetric solids measurement device is the proper presentation of material to the measurement surface in a way that maximizes measurement surface contact (for higher accuracy) and keeps the measurement surface filled (as a method of self-cleaning). Utilizing the patented CentriFlow Technology, Eastern Instruments’ solids flow measurement product line offers accurate, cost-effective and simple solutions to your process measurement needs.

Air Flow Products

Air flow measurement product line includes the VAP3® Pitot which offers accurate air flow measurement in both clean air applications and in particulate-laden applications. VAP3® Pitots can be incorporated into spooled duct sections for easy installation or into the High Beta® Flow Conditioner for air flow measurement applications with virtually no straight duct runs.

System Solutions

Integrating products from both our solids flow measurement lines and our air flow measurement lines, Eastern Instruments offers complete system solutions for the optimization of your process. From bag-fill systems to air flow measurement integration, we can help.




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