Hengstler Absolute Rotary Encoders

Hengstler Absolute Rotary Encoders

Hengstler Absolute Rotary Encoders | About Hengstler is a leading European manufacturer of industrial components for counting and control applications, such as counters/timers, rotary encoders, industrial and temperature controllers, relays, and printers and cutters. Today’s automation leaders are seeking solutions that will enable machines with advanced analytics, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance, while also offering … Lanjutkan membaca Hengstler Absolute Rotary Encoders

KOMAX Desuperheater

Take a Look at the Komax Desuperheater Superheat is almost always an aspect of a steam generation because, without it, the steam that must travel from the boiler to the point of use cools and condenses. Superheating can prevent that process, but it does require a small increase in energy. As a result, at the … Lanjutkan membaca KOMAX Desuperheater


Eltra mono and multiturn rotary absolute encoder lines Absolute rotary encoders provide a uniquely coded numerical value for each mechanical shaft position, memorizing the value of the current position and thus avoiding the loss of information in case of restart of the machine or interruption of the power supply. Thanks to the many advantages of this type of … Lanjutkan membaca ELTRA ABSOLUTE ROTARY ENCODERS


INCREMENTAL ROTARY ENCODERS Lines of incremental rotary encoders with protruding, blind and through shaftRotary encoders are electromechanical devices designed to control the position and angular speed of the movement of mechanical axes. The incremental rotary encoders are defined as they indicate the increases (variations) with respect to a position taken as a reference, regardless of the direction of rotation. The … Lanjutkan membaca ELTRA INCREMENTAL ROTARY ENCODERS


Leverage the Power of Heat with the Komax Klean-Wall™ Heat Exchanger Across industry lines, saving energy is a huge problem for many organizations, and heat exchangers were designed to utilize as much of that energy as possible, but they’re not always quite as efficient as they could be. Komax Systems, though, has implemented state of … Lanjutkan membaca KOMAX HEAT EXCHANGER


SANITARY STEAM HEATER Smaller diameter sanitary versions of Komax highly successful Direct Steam Heaters have improved the heating of liquids and the cooking of heavy viscous slurries. The Komax Sanitary Heater demonstrates superior performance in starch cooking over earlier designs of direct steam cookers. The static mixing chamber of the Komax Direct Steam Heater produces … Lanjutkan membaca KOMAX SANITARY STEAM HEATER