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Philadelphia Scientific

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Philadelphia Scientific has brought advanced technology solutions to the industrial battery industry. We specializes in the research, design, development and manufacturing of products for motive power, standby and automotive batteries in addition to tools that maximize battery performance.

Philadelphia Scientific Products
Philadelphia Scientific Products

Philadelphia Scientific Overview

Serving a global marketplace from multiple locations around the globe and we are the holders of an extensive patent inventory that reflects the creative and inventive spirit of our employees.

As the creator and manufacturer of many market-leading products, we continuously develop new innovations to serve the industry. This excellence in engineering, combined with our passion for quality, has made Philadelphia Scientific one of the most trusted brands in its marketplace today.

Philadelphia Scientific Product

Battery handling

Our innovative range of battery handling equipment will efficiently and safely change and store batteries, making more efficient use of space and reducing wastage through damage. Designed and built to drastically reduce changeover times, increasing truck productivity. From single spare battery racks to our fully automated multi-level system, we offer products to match any application.

Aqua Filling System

The AFS – Aqua Filling System is the best battery watering system on the market for small to medium-sized applications. It makes battery watering safe, easy and affordable. It incorporates many unique features that make it the best in its class, as well a being the easiest battery filling system to install, using a minimal number of inventory items. It fills an industrial forklift truck battery in one-tenth the time of hand watering, which means that these systems typically pay for themselves in under a year. The system also improves safety as it prevents exposure to electrolytes while filling.

Battery Watering Monitors

A significant problem with battery maintenance is knowing when to fill batteries with water. Without indication, operators often need to devise watering schedules or conduct periodic inspections to maintain the batteries. Philadelphia Scientific’s watering monitors dramatically improve battery maintenance by intelligently alerting personnel when a battery needs water — and when it does not.

These monitors allow watering on a labor-saving “as-needed” basis instead of a hit-or-miss schedule. Watering too frequently can cause electrolyte boilovers, which reduce battery capacity by three percent for each occurrence. Lack of water in batteries creates a low electrolyte level, eventually causing permanent damage to the cells. Philadelphia Scientific’s Blinky™, Smart Blinky™ and Smart Blinky Remote™ will help ensure your electrolyte levels are never too low or too high.

When paired with the Water Injector System™, the Stealth Watering System™, or the Watering Gun, any of our battery watering monitors completes the most effective battery maintenance program available.

Battery Cleaning

Surfaces in industrial settings are dirty, that’s a fact of life, dust from concrete, oil from machinery, dirt from outside blowing straight in through doors and vents. With batteries, the problem is magnified due to the film of moisture from the gas given off during the battery operation, particularly at the end of the charge, or during equalise charges, which attracts filth. Much of the water in the gas given off by the battery evaporates but the acid remains to pose a safety hazard to operators. Any dirt on the battery sticks to the film of moisture creating a layer of grime.

Electricity from the battery leaks as it ‘tracks’ across the grime, which reduces runtime and leads to increased battery changes, therefore reducing forklift productivity. Electricity always wants to track to earth so with the help of moisture and grime the electricity continues to track across the top of the battery until it finds ‘earth’ in the form of the steel battery case. This poor electrical connection causes a build-up of white and yellow highly corrosive substance all around the battery case. If left untreated this corrosion expands, crushing cell walls, corroding the steel case away, but also robbing the battery of power and causing cells to become very uneven in output and prematurely fail.



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