Eltra mono and multiturn rotary absolute encoder lines

Absolute rotary encoders provide a uniquely coded numerical value for each mechanical shaft position, memorizing the value of the current position and thus avoiding the loss of information in case of restart of the machine or interruption of the power supply.

Thanks to the many advantages of this type of encoder, Eltra’s offer for this category is constantly growing, always keeping up with the latest technological innovations,  in order to significantly extend the range of action of the encoders and to increase them to at the same time, flexibility and versatility , based on customer specifications.

The operating principle of the mono and multiturn absolute encoders can be optical, which guarantees a high resolution and therefore suitable for applications requiring greater precision and accuracy, or magnetic, particularly suitable for sectors requiring high speed and greater resistance to wear, temperatures and IP protection. The reliability and performance characteristics typical of Eltra encoders obviously remain, with the possibility of supplying the device in the most varied combinations of both electronic and mechanical interfaces.

SINGLE-TURN ABSOLUTEoptics Single-turn absolute optical encoders SINGLE-TURN ABSOLUTEmagnetic Single-turn absolute magnetic encoder MULTITURNabsolute optics Multiturn absolute rotary encoders MULTITURNabsolute magnets Multiturn absolute magnetic encoders

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