Eltra lines of linear encoders, potentiometers and magnetostrictives

The linear transducers serve for the measurement of linear displacements. The potentiometers consist of a wire or a metal layer, wrapped on an insulating support, and a moving contact able to move along the conductor. The operating principle is based on the variation of resistance in an electrical circuit determined by the displacement of the object whose position is to be measured.

Eltra offers versions of rod or slider potentiometers, with different types of mounting  (with brackets,  flanges and self-aligning joints) and various levels of IP protection, to satisfy the greatest  number of requirements dictated by the field of application.

The Eltra linear encoder catalog also includes magnetostrictive position transducers(with magnetic principle, therefore without contact) evolution of linear potentiometers, which extend the device’s performance level, also for the choice of type of interface (analog, digital and based on fieldbus) available.

OPTICAL LINEAR – MAGNETICTransducers with incremental or absolute optical or magnetic system POTENTIOMETRIC absolute Absolute potentiometric linear transducer lines MAGNETOSTRICTIVE ABSOLUTES MAGNETOSTRICTIVE absolute linear transducer lines WIRE UNWINDERS

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