Leine Linde 1000 Extreme Encoder

Overview Leine Linde 1000 Extreme Encoder Multifunctional Durability In many applications within metal, mining and marine industries the demands on the equipment is exceptional. The machines are subject to exposure from mechanical loads, vibrations and shock in an environment of dust, liquids and high temperatures. They handle advanced machinery with utmost safety demands and economical […]


Eltra lines of linear encoders, potentiometers and magnetostrictives The linear transducers serve for the measurement of linear displacements. The potentiometers consist of a wire or a metal layer, wrapped on an insulating support, and a moving contact able to move along the conductor. The operating principle is based on the variation of resistance in an electrical circuit determined by the displacement […]


Eltra mono and multiturn rotary absolute encoder lines Absolute rotary encoders provide a uniquely coded numerical value for each mechanical shaft position, memorizing the value of the current position and thus avoiding the loss of information in case of restart of the machine or interruption of the power supply. Thanks to the many advantages of this type of […]


INCREMENTAL ROTARY ENCODERS Lines of incremental rotary encoders with protruding, blind and through shaftRotary encoders are electromechanical devices designed to control the position and angular speed of the movement of mechanical axes. The incremental rotary encoders are defined as they indicate the increases (variations) with respect to a position taken as a reference, regardless of the direction of rotation. The […]