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Lines of incremental rotary encoders with protruding, blind and through shaftRotary encoders are electromechanical devices designed to control the position and angular speed of the movement of mechanical axes.

The incremental rotary encoders are defined as they indicate the increases (variations) with respect to a position taken as a reference, regardless of the direction of rotation. The incremental encoder is suitable for detecting rotations, speeds and accelerations based on the count of the pulses sent by the sensor to the output electronics, but requires the machine zero at each new start.

Eltra has developed an extensive catalog of incremental encoders divided here based on the type of mechanical assembly (protruding shaft vs blind / through shaft) and the detection technology (optics vs magnetic), with a wide range of resolutions, flanges and outputs available. electrical, depending on the specific application requirements.
In addition to the standard versions, Eltra offers the possibility to customize and even design custom-made devices, to satisfy even the most peculiar requests and offer the customer 360 ° solutions .

PROTRUDING SHAFT optic. Incremental optical rotary encoders with protruding shaft BLIND / THROUGH SHAFT OPTICALS BLIND / THROUGHoptical incremental rotary encoders MAGNETICincrementalsMagnetic incremental rotary encoders

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