Model CBA Clutch/Brakes | Industrial Clutch

clautch and brake systemCBA Clutch/Brakes

The Model CBA is an oil-immersed, combination clutch/brake, utilizing a self-contained cooling oil pumping system. It is a quill-mounted unit that may be used for either end of shaft or through-shaft designs. The Model CBA is designed to be compatible and complementary to our dry units. 

Product Features

  • Pneumatic or hydraulic actuation.
  • Accommodates bi-directional rotation.
  • Clutch torque capacities ranging from 30,000 to 2,500,000 pound-inches.
  • Brake torque capacities ranging from 8,000 to 400,000 pound-inches.
  • External cooling option.
  • Combination Clutch/brakes by design eliminate the possibility of engaging clutch and brake simultaneously.


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