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ADZ Nagano is innovative strength of ADZ employees is one of the factors for our success. That is why employee development is important to us: We promote professional and personal training as well as internal qualifications for new areas of responsibility. With a balance between demands and support, every working day is new, exciting, challenging, and varied.

ADZ Nagano General Information


In October 1998 Dietmar Arndt, ADZ Sensortechnik was founded in Dresden. Following the time being, with the strategic entry of the Japanese sensor element manufacturer NAGANO KEIKI in 2001, the company received its current name ADZ NAGANO GmbH. In this context, the business area of EU sales was expanded to include NAGANO KEIKI products. With continued growth in the scope of production and the number of employees, the company moved to its current location in Ottendorf-Okrilla (near Dresden) in 2005.


For successful development and manufacturing of your own products for very individual requirements of different customers from all over the world, you need a high degree of flexibility, speed, dynamism, and organization. Thanks to a flat corporate structure, cross-departmental and direct interaction, a large number of different know-how, and the sense of responsibility of all those involved, we are ideally suited to these challenges.

Both the high qualification and further training of all employees, as well as the continuous monitoring and improvement of internal company processes for product development and production, are a guarantee for innovation, customer satisfaction, quality, and efficiency.

ADZ understanding of corporate responsibility goes far beyond quality and customer satisfaction. In accordance with our values, mutual understanding, employee welfare, social commitment, and environmental protection play a key role.

Social Commitment

Since the company was founded, ADZ NAGANO has also been involved outside of company boundaries. Up to now we support 14 Formula Student University Teams by sponsoring pressure and temperature sensors. Schools, day-care centers and regional artists can also rely on the support of our company for their projects.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection aspects are decisive for the work and production organization as well as for the respective product development processes. Since 2020, an in-house 55 kW photovoltaic system has been supplying environmentally-friendly electricity for development, production, and administration. In all product developments, we keep an eye on the entire product lifecycle – from the choice of materials to manufacture and recycling options after the end of use.

ADZ Nagano Product

High complexity from industry-specific and individual requirements requires tailor-made solutions. ADZ keeps the overview and develop unique and innovative solutions. ADZ strengths are the development and manufacture of the optimal solution for every customer-specific requirement. From the limitless variety of possibilities that sensor technology offers you, we will develop exactly the right one for you.

  • Pressure transmitter – standard: Well-equipped pressure transmitter for general requirements in standard applications
  • Pressure transmitter – output signal: The pressure transmitter with completely individual output signals for optimal signal processing
  • Pressure transmitter – explosion protection: The solutions for applications with increased protection
  • Pressure transmitter – special application: The special and optimal solution for every specific application
  • Pressure switch: Sensor technology that acts at the right moment
  • Temperature sensors: Temperature sensors with the certain extras
  • Force transmitter: Express forces in numbers

Pressure, temperature and force sensors can be applied for all industries, such as:

  • Railway
  • Vehicle technology
  • Aerospace
  • Medical technology
  • Marine
  • Environmental engineering
  • Mechanical engineering / Automation technology
  • Process technology
  • Motorsport


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