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Centre Tank Services

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Centre Tank Services Ltd have been leading trade distributors of fuel dispensing, storage tank, AdBlue™ and lubrication equipment since 1987. Over the last 30 years, CTS have built a trusted reputation for quality products, excellent stockholding and a level of service that our customers can rely on, to in turn offer their customers a great service.

Centre Tank Services General Information

Quality products to uphold your reputation

As the UK agent for Italian manufacturer Piusi and importers of other major brands, we ensure a quality range to uphold ours and your reputation when selling it on. With a longer life span and performance that can be relied upon, our offering can prevent the hassle and cost of returns, downtime and premature replacements frequently incurred by cheaper, lower quality alternatives.

Large stockholding for speedy dispatch

Our highly trained sales department are on hand to offer pre-sale product selection advice and our experienced technical team are available for post-sale product support. Our 14,000 sq ft. warehouse stocks over 2,000 product lines at any one time for immediate dispatch, with a designated testing area giving you confidence that our products are subject to in-house testing.

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Centre Tank Services List of Product by Type

Fluid and Fuel Transfer Pumps

Diesel Transfer Pumps

Our extensive range of diesel transfer pumps provides solutions for almost all diesel dispensing applications. Whether you require an individual diesel refueling pump or a diesel dispenser kit complete with hose, nozzle, and flow meter; a mains-powered diesel transfer pump, or a low voltage refueling pump, our range covers your requirements. We also have access to larger, industrial diesel transfer pumps should you have a more specialized application. our range is renowned for its quality and includes the popular Panther pump and BP3000 battery powered diesel transfer pump kit

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Oil Transfer Pumps

 The most popular pumps in our range are the Viscomat Vane 70 and 90 pumps, which are suitable for oils up to 500cSt, and the Viscomat Gear oil pumps, which are able to work with oils of up to 2000cSt. The range includes mains powered, low voltage, and manual hand pumps, and the choice of an individual oil transfer pump or a complete kit with a hose, nozzle, and flow meter. When looking for an oil transfer pump, the viscosity of the fluid combined with the lowest temperature the oil will come into contact with needs to be considered.

Adblue™ Pumps

AdBlue™ transfer pumps & dispensing kits

With further additions to the Euro standards regarding harmful vehicle emissions, the market for AdBlue™ (or DEF as it is also referred to) and its dispensing equipment is continuing to grow throughout the UK. Just like the diesel market, the available AdBlue™ pump solutions are vast from individual pumps to complete AdBlue™ transfer pump kits, with both electric and manual AdBlue™ pump options.

With AdBlue™ being stored and dispensed from a range of containers, our range covers AdBlue™ IBC pumps, AdBlue™ drum pumps, and solutions for bulk tank delivery. As official Piusi agent, we have a large stock holding of the Suzzara Blue range of Piusi AdBlue™ pumps; the leading brand in DEF dispensing renowned for its quality and reliability.

Grease Transfer Pumps

Air-operated grease pumps and complete grease dispensing kits.

We offer a range of Piusi air-operated grease pumps designed for transferring grease from 12kg, 50kg, and 80kg barrels. These air-powered grease transfer pumps are also available as a kit with a follower plate, drum cover, and grease nozzle. Included within this range are air-operated grease pumps, mobile grease dispensing kits, and accessories such as follower plates and drum trolleys.

ATEX Pumps

ATEX approved diesel & petrol transfer pumps for flammable applications

Available in our ATEX approved petrol transfer pump range are both mains powered and 12v fuel transfer pumps, that are specified for zone one applications. We also stock a number of manual hand petrol transfer pumps for when a cost effective pump is required.

Chemical Pumps

Pumps for a range of fluid & chemicals

We offer a range of pumps for the transfer of chemicals. Very specific construction materials and seal types are required when for use with chemicals so we recommend that before purchasing material compatibility is checked with the chemical in question that is being dispensed.

Water Transfer Pumps

Submersible, manual, and engine driven water pumps

Depending upon the application at hand, you can select from submersible pumps, engine-driven water pumps, and manual hand pumps. Within the range is a trash pump for pumping away dirty water that may contain solids popular within heavy-duty, construction environments, and an emergency water pump for moving floodwater away in domestic applications…read more



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