ADZ Nagano Sensortechnik

ADZ Nagano is innovative strength of ADZ employees is one of the factors for our success. That is why employee development is important to us: We promote professional and personal training as well as internal qualifications for new areas of responsibility. With a balance between demands and support, every working day is new, exciting, challenging, […]

Hengesbach Flush-mounted Pressure Transmitter and Switch PiezoSwitchPS Type

The pressure transmitter PiezoSwitch is well suited for measuring absolut and relativ pressure of fluids and gases in pipelines with temperature ranges from -40°C bis 125°C. Two available switch outputs enable the switching functions. The flush-mounted processconnection PZM-type with o-ring-sealing and stainless steel diaphragm is certified EHEDG Type EL-ASEPTIC CLASS 1. It is ideal for […]