BD Sensors Pressure Measurement
BD Sensors Pressure Measurement

BD Sensors Pressure Measurement

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BD Sensor Pressure Measurement Reliable pressure and level measurement – With this single competency in mind, our company is the universal supplier of a huge range of products ranging from electronic measuring instruments on the one hand to the most precise data evaluation and display technology on the other. The fact that our products are versatile for a wide variety of industries and challenges underscores the long-term vision of their design.

General Information

BD | SENSORS is a medium sized family run company that sets great store by independence and sustainability. What makes a family business strong? Or, in another way, what should a family business be based on? Because family is the foundation of a larger whole, a family business in particular must be measured upon its credibility and stability. When responsibly dealing with customers and employees, decisions have to be healthy and sustainable.

BD|SENSORS is this kind of family business!

With three generations working in the company, as well as being owner-managed, this is exactly what BD | SENSORS sees as a guarantee for stability. Although the company operates globally, it stands by its location in Upper Franconia in North Eastern Bavaria and focuses on the idea „Made in Germany“. Our affiliate in the Czech Republic, as well as our subsidiaries in China and Russia all benefit from this company strategy.

At BD | SENSORS, we consider strategy before acting, high regard before speculation and return before turnover.

In this spirit, we create customer-oriented solutions in pressure and level measurement technology. The group of companies has a total staff contingent of around 300 located in four countries: Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia and China.

BD Sensor Pressure Measurement Products

Pressure Measurement

The variety of our products for pressure measurement is unique. We have an exceptionally large range of standard and special products for the market. Based on the versatility offered by combining different enclosure materials with different sensor technologies. BD Sensor, however, lies in our ability to perform even where no standards exist. BD|SENSORS will provide answers where individual solutions are in demand, even for small series production runs. This cost-effective solution will be implemented fast and flexibly and with technical competency.

BD|SENSORS is one of the few companies worldwide using four elements of modern pressure measurement, offering transmitters produced by BD|SENSORS itself or by partner companies with BD|SENSORS’s know-how. We will respond to your specific installation and environmental conditions flexibly and offer you a product tailored to meet your specific needs.

Level Probes

BD|SENSORS offers a wide range of submersible probes designed for the measurement of fill levels of fluid or paste-like media or for levels of water and waste-water. The sensors are based on hydrostatic pressure, i.e. the fill level is found by measuring pressure.

The submersible probes are available with many types of enclosure materials, pressure sensors and diameters and will thus in their standard version already offer perfect solutions to predominant installation conditions.  The detachable submersible probes are noteworthy.

These designs allow very simple detachment of probe and cable, requiring no tools. This is a decisive advantage during maintenance or servicing, since only part of the submersible probe will require attention, not the entire installation. with stainless steel sensor LMP 308 | LMP 808 with ceramics sensor LMK 358 | LMK 808 | LMK 858 The range also includes other designs such as submersible probes with integrated overvoltage protection, temperature sensors or data loggers, also types communicating via RS 485 interface or HART® protocol.

Evaluation Devices and Displays

Besides the classic version with display and analogue outputs (PA430, ASM430), BD|SENSORS offers with the process display of CIT-series an evaluation device that can be combined with our pressure measuring devices and hydrostatic  submersible probes and is furthermore also suitable for acquiring for example temperature and potentiometer signals.







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