J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2420-8
J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2420-8

J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2420-8

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J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2420-8, Capacitor buffered Power Supply. The DC-UPS of the series AC CTEC includes ultra-capacitors as energy storage inside the housing. During normal operation, the power supply supplies the connected loads and charges at the same time the capacitors. In case of an interruption of the mains supply, the energy of the ultra-capacitors is released and regulated. The load is supplied by the backup module until the ultra-capacitors are discharged. The backup time depends on the state of charge of the capacitors and on the discharge current.


The DC-UPS has the following characteristics:

  • Maintenance-free because of long-life ultra-capacitors
  • Microcontroller-based charging and discharging of the ultra-capacitors
  • Control of operation and status of charge with potential-free contacts and LED
  • Low wiring effort is necessary because of the integration of the mains adaptor and energy store compatible with TECControl shutdown-software
  • Communication with an IPC via USB or RS232 cable possibly adjustable with a USB interface
  • The capacity extension is possible with external capacitor extension modules
  • Cyclic capacitor test during mains operation
  • Big temperature range -40 C up to 60 C

J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2420-8 Technical Data

Nominal input voltage 400 / 500 V AC
Nominal frequency 45 – 66 Hz
Nominal input voltage range 340 V – 550 V AC
Rated input current 0,95 A AC (Ue = 400 V AC)
Max. pre-fusing 3 x 2 A (T)
Max input current 32 A / 0,5 ms
Nominal output voltage (in mains operation) 24,0 V DC ± 0,5 V
Nominal output voltage (in backup operation) 24,0 V DC
Max. nominal output current (in mains operation) 17,5 A DC @ 60 °C
20,0 A DC @ 50 °C
Max. nominal output current (in backup operation) 17,5 A DC @ 60 °C
20,0 A DC @ 50 °C
Max. power loss ‘worst-case’ 65 W (Ua = 24,0 V DC)
Energy 8 kJ
Back-up time 344 s @ 1 A / 12 s @ 20 A
General information
Max. load message contact: 30 V DC max. 0,5 A
Mains operation, Uc >, error
Max. load message contact Shutdown 24 V DC (6 – 40 V DC)
Earth leakage current < 3,5 mA
Parallel operation no
Serial operation no
Protective system IP20
Operational temperature -40 … 60 °C
Storage temperature -40 … 70 °C
Relative humidity < 95 % condensation is not permissible
Max. mounting height (without load reduction) 2000 above sea level
Dimensions (H x W x D) 192,5 mm, 170 mm, 198 mm
Weight 3,5 kg
Fixation Mounting bracket for mounting plate

Reference : Hersteller für Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgungen – J.Schneider (j-schneider.de)


Source: Indonesia Industrial Parts – Measurement, Equipment, Electrical & Control (inaparts.com)

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