J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2410-10
J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2410-10

J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2410-10

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J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2410-10, Ultracapacitor buffered Power Supply. The DC-UPS of the series AC CTEC 2410-10 includes ultra-capacitors as energy storage inside the housing. During normal operation, the capacitors are charged from an internal charger, which is supplied by an internal, regulated AC-DC power supply. In case of an interruption of the AC supply, the energy of the ultra-capacitors is released regulated (23,5 V DC ± 5%). The load is supplied by the backup module up to the ultra-capacitors discharged. The backup time depends on the state of charge of the capacitors and on the discharge current

The DC-UPS has the following characteristics:

  • Maintenance-free because of long-life ultra-capacitors
  • Microcontroller-based charging and discharging of the ultra-capacitors
  • Parameterizable via USB interface
  • Control of operation and status of charge with potential-free contacts and LED
  • Big temperature range -20 C up to 50 C

J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2410-10 Technical Data

Input voltage range 100 V – 240 V AC100 V – 230 V DC
nominal frequency 50 Hz … 60 Hz ± 6 %
Max. nominal input current 1,11 A @ 230 V AC2,35 A @ 110 V AC
Max. Inrush current 1,76 A
nominal Output current (in mains operation) 24,1 V DC ± 2 %
Output current range (in buffer operation) 23,5 V DC ± 5 %
Max. nominal Output current 10 A DC
efficiency > 90 %
energy 10 kJ
back-up time 400 sec @   1 A  42 sec @ 10 A
protective system IP20
operational temperature -20 … 50 °C
storage temperature -20 … 60 °C
Relative humidity 95 % non-condensating
Max. mounting height (without derating) 2000 m above sea level
dimensions (H x W x D) 163 mm x 189 mm x 138mm
weight ca. 3,0 kg
Fixation Snap-on mounting for DIN top-hat rail
Norms and Regulations EN 50178
UL-registration No

Reference : Hersteller für Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgungen – J.Schneider (j-schneider.de)

Download : Datasheet

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