J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2403-1-400

J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2403-1-400

The DC-UPS of the AC C-TEC 2403 series is equipped with a integrated power supply and ultracapacitors for accumulating energy. During normal operation this capacitor is charged by an internal charger which is supplied by the internal, regulated DC power supply. If the AC supply is interrupted, energy of the ultracapacitors is released in a regulated process (24 V DC ±2%). The load is supplied by the buffermodul until the capacitors are discharged. The buffering time depends on the state of charge of the capacitor and discharging current.

The DC-UPS shows the following features:

The DC-buffer module CTEC works with Ultra-capacitors as energy storage inside the housing. In case of an interruption of the DC-supply, the energy of the Ultracapacitors is released. The load is energised from the buffer module, til it is discharged. The back-up time depends on the state of charge of the capacitors and on the discharge current.

  • Maintenance-free due to durable ultra capacitors
  • reduces wiring time due to intergrated energy storage and power supply
  • Microcontroller based charging and discharging of the ultracapacitors
  • Input voltage-signal via potential-free contact and LED
  • Short overload possible
  • Vibration secured wiring via spring loaded plugs
  • Wide working temperature range -40°C till 60°C

J. Schneider AC C-TEC 2403-1-400 Technical Data

Nominal input voltage 400 V ± 15 %
Min. nominal input voltage for charging mode  
Nominal frequency  
Max. nominal input current 0,24 A
Max. charging current  
Nominal output voltage (mains operation) 24,3 V DC ± 2 %
Nominal output voltage (buffer operation) 23,5 V DC ± 2 %
Max. nominal output current 2 A DC (with nominal capacity)3 A DC (with reduced capacity)
Efficiency 88 %
Energy content 1 kJ
Buffer time Depending on load
Degree of protection IP20
Operating temperature -20 … 60 °C
Storage temperature -20 … 60 °C
Relative humidity 95 % non-condensing
Max. altitude (without derating) 2000 m above sealevel
Dimensions (H x W x D) 152,5 mm x 100 mm x 130 mm
Weight 1,2 kg
Fixation Snap-on mounting for DIN top hat rail
Norms and Regulations EN 50178EN 60950
UL approvals No



Reference : j-schneider.de

Download : Datasheet

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