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Hoffer Flow Controls

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Hoffer Flow Controls was incorporated in 1969 in the state of New Jersey. Hoffer Flow Controls has been designing and manufacturing quality turbine flowmeters and related process instrumentation for more than fifty years. Our initial experience was in the field of cryogenic flow measurement. Today our reputation in this field is synonymous with quality.

Hoffer Flow Controls Introductions

The development of the modern turbine flowmeter can be traced back to David Potter, founder of Potter Aeronautical. Potter pioneered the development of the turbine flowmeter for the Navy in the 1940s. The initial application for the Potter turbine flowmeter was in fuel flow measurement for Navy aircraft. Today fuel flow continues to be an ideal application for the turbine flowmeter.

In recent years, new markets and industries have developed for turbine flow meters. These new growth markets include aerospace, military flow applications, chiller systems, and many others. Features on the Hoffer turbine flow meters that are important in these growth markets include dynamic response time, wide flow range capability, and the ability to customize the turbine flow meter for a specific flow application. Custom features may include the design of the flow meter housing, a unique blade angle on the turbine meter rotor assembly, special materials of construction, etc.

Hoffer Flow Controls Products

Turbine Flow Meters

Hoffer Flow Controls offers the most extensive selection of turbine flow meters compared to any other flowmeter manufacturers globally. Our MF Series of mini-flowmeters provides flow measurement capability from .007 to 3.5 GPM and offers twelve different turbine meters. Our HO Series provides ¼” through 12” turbine flow meters for service in either liquid or gas. In addition to the MF Series and HO Series, we provide 20+ specialty series of turbine flow meters. These specialty series enable Hoffer to offer flow meters suitable for the oil & gas industry, power generation industry, cryogenic industry, military flow applications, and aerospace.

The turbine advantage may be defined as the unique blend of desirable attributes peculiar to the Hoffer type turbine flowmeter resulting in a transducer with the ability to measure wide flow ranges with outstanding accuracy, at low cost, with a convenient pulse output. Flowmeter selection requires more than the sizing of flow rates and selection of process fittings. The turbine flowmeter must be compatible with the flowing media to be measured and operate over the required temperature and pressure range. In addition, maintenance requirements must be evaluated consistent with the installation, service, and use. The following tutorial provides the background information required for the selection of a Hoffer turbine flowmeter. Whatever your flow requirements may be, Hoffer offers the optimum turbine flowmeter for the specific application.

Hoffer turbine flowmeters are available in a broad range of standard and special materials. The wide range of construction options allows for selecting the optimum combination of useful range, corrosion resistance, and operating life for a particular application. A low mass rotor design allows for a rapid dynamic response which permits the turbine flowmeter to be used in some pulsating flow applications. The deflector cones eliminate downstream thrust on the rotor and allow hydrodynamic positioning of the rotor between deflector cones.

Cryogenic Flow Meters

Hoffer cryogenic turbine flow meters, electronics, and accessories are for cryogenic flow applications. For example, Truck-mounted cryogenic flow metering systems. Hoffer has over 50 years of experience in cryogenic fluid measurement. Hoffer truck-mount system withstands the rigors of over-the-road service and operates reliably in temperature extremes.

Above, all Hoffer Cryogenic Flow Systems allow for superior performance and ease of use. Specifically, the system provides accurate flow measurement of commonly delivered industrial gases while having printer output capability. In addition, the system requires minimal operator involvement.

Complies with O.I.M.L.—R81 standard, Handbook 44, and various design approvals

The cryogenic flow system provides advanced reporting and communication capabilities. For example, reporting for delivery, trip, and maintenance via Hoffer printers or computer communication. Moreover, the flow system is designed to comply with O.I.M.L.—R81 standard, Handbook 44, and various design approvals.

The ICE, Hoffer’s latest in Integrated Cryogenic Electronics, uses the latest technology. It provides the most comprehensive features in a cryogenic truck-mounted delivery system. For instance, the typical application includes ICE as the primary electronic indicating element of a bulk delivery system for CO2 and Cryogenic liquids. Other system components typically include a turbine flow meter, temperature sensor, optional pressure sensor, and optional printer.

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