Rhosonics Density and Concentration Ultrasonic Meter

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Rhosonics Ultrasonic Measuring Instruments Founded in 1992, Rhosonics develops sustainable ultrasonic measuring instruments for process optimization in different industries to improve efficiency, reducing costs and increasing safety. Rhosonics helps the industry to use ultrasonic technology for in-line measurements. The real-time process data allows operators to achieve process optimization in a safe, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective way. This is how Rhosonics contributes to a greener and smarter industry.

Rhosonics Ultrasonic Measuring Instruments Descriptions

Rhosonics is based in the Netherlands, in Putten. At our headquarters, we design, produce, and supply state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensors and analyzers for different industries, such as the dredging industry, mineral processing industry and the flat panel display industry. The company cooperates with distributors and system-integrators to offer the best technology solutions for specific applications.

Mineral processing and dredging

Rhosonics is helping the mineral processing industry and dredgers to create a safe and pleasant working environment. We are doing this by offering non-nuclear technology for density measurement in slurries. Our ultrasonic density meter eliminates all costs, health and safety risks related to radiation sourced devices. Furthermore, the device is easy-to-use, without need for any license and gives reliable density values to monitor and improve the production output. We believe that there is no longer a reason to measure density the nuclear way.

R&D projects

From the very beginning, Rhosonics has been conducting research and design to create the best-technology concentration analyser available on the market. Our measuring instruments can be found in many of the most critical and demanding applications. The instruments are for example used for density measurement on dredging ships in the Netherlands, at Mineral Processing Plants in Australia and the USA, and for measuring concentrations in ternary or quarternary liquids in the electronics/semiconductor industries in Korea, China and Taiwan.

Our Model 8000 (year 1992) and Model 8100 (year 1995) are mainly used in brewery installations, electronics, and mineral ore industry. In 2005, Rhosonics launched the new 8500, 9100, and 9600 series analysers, which offer greater accuracy, broader analytical range, and smarter HMI software and application-oriented software solutions. Since the year 2016 a new range of products has been launched, respectively the Concentration Meter B33 and Slurry Density Meter (SDM). Still, there is room for further improvement. We have set up several R&D projects to further optimize our products.

Rhosonics Ultrasonic Measuring Instruments Products

SDM: Slurry Density Meter – Non-nuclear Density Measurement

Rhosonics helps mineral processing plants to replace nuclear density gauges by ultrasonic technology. This transition allows operators to achieve process optimization in a safer, more reliable, sustainable and cost effective way. This is how Rhosonics contributes to a greener and smarter industry.

Rhosonics Ultrasonic Measuring Instruments
SDM Slurry Density Meter


Rhosonics introduces the newest generation non-nuclear density meter, the SDM Slurry Density Meter. This instrument is suitable for real-time density measurement in all kinds of slurries. The product uses sustainable ultrasonic technology and is specifically designed for dredging and mineral processing applications after ten years of experience with the predecessor, the model 9690 density meter. The SDM uses a non-intrusive ultrasonic sensor to measure the real-time density of mineral slurries under high-density levels and at very large pipes.


By measuring the acoustic impedance of a slurry, the SDM calculates the density of the slurry in real-time during the process. The sensor is made of stainless steel and ceramic material. Because of the new sensor material, the sensor has lots of better properties. By making use of ceramics material, the ultrasonic signal is more brightful and powerful than before.

Also, the sensor is more wear-resistant than its predecessor, model 9690. Installation is easy and can be done by means of wafer cells, spool pieces, or a weld-on piece (weldolet). The weldolet technology is a low-cost solution, especially for larger pipe sizes, since this method only requires a small hole in the existing pipe.

CDM – Chemical Density Meter

Rhosonics Ultrasonic Measuring Instruments
Chemical Density Meter

Major features and benefits of the CDM 9670:

  • Real-time in-line solids and density monitor
  • Wide range of measuring parameters
  • Non-nuclear technology
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant sensors
  • Easy installation and maintenance free
  • Outputs for process control and alarm signal


  • Attenuation (solids)
  • Acoustic impedance (density)
  • Sound velocity (concentration)
  • Pt100 sensor (temperature)

CCM – Chemical Concentration Meter

The CCM 9585 is an instrument which is used for COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) measurement in the influent flow of wastewater treatment plants in the beer industry. For this COD application, a calibration matrix is used to measure the concentration with a high degree of accuracy.

Rhosonics Ultrasonic Measuring Instruments
Chemical Concentration Meter


Ultrasonic sound velocity, attenuation (Power Liquid Echo), Acoustic impedance (Power Interface Echo), Electrodeless Conductivity and Pt100 temperature measurement.

Source: Rhosonic

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