Sima Servis Flow Meter
Sima Servis Flow Meter

Sima Servis Flow Meter

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SIMA servis, Ltd. is a manufacture company founded in 1992. SIMA servis, Ltd. This company is based in the  Czech Republic, specifically in Videnska 101/119, 619 00 Brno.

General Information

As for the SIMA servis, Ltd. business line, they are providing a lot of services, such as service, repairs during the guarantee period and after the guarantee period, installation and removal of the specified measuring instruments at the customer’s premises, measuring and diagnostics of the flow rate (by adjustable ultrasonic flow meter). SIMA servis, Ltd. also runs its calibration facility for metrological verification of flow meters.

SIMA servis, Ltd. has a lot of types for their flow meters for the diameter DN 10 (3/8 inch) to DN 200 (8 inches), which are: Paddle type or Rotating Vane, Electromagnetic, and also Ultrasonic Flow Meters.

Sima Servis Flow Meter Specializes

  • Electromagnetic flow meters, and
  • Electromagnetic heat meters

There are several characters for their products, such as:

  • The high accuracy
  • The stability
  • The long operating lifetime

Sima Servis Flow Meter Products

FC2 – Electromagnetic Flow Meter

FC2 Flow Meter is a highly accurate device with measurement error within 0,2%. Both negative and Positive Flows are recorded. FC2 Flow Meter Supports Advanced Functions as Empty Pipe detection, Dampening of sudden changes of flow or setting of dead zone. Permanently backlit graphical display allows the user to track the information he chooses, with minimal conductivity of measured fluid being the only limitation, FC2 Flow Meter is an ideal measuring device for wide variety of applications starting from waterworks and waste-water maintenance to paper or chemical industry.

Features :

  • High-accuracy within ±0,2%
  • Bi-directional flow metering
  • Stability of measurement and long operating lifetime
  • Simple to use
  • Large permanently back-lit graphical display

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FC3 – Electromagnetic Flow Meter

THE FC3 Electromagnetic Flow Meter is Highly Accurate Device Designed for measuring, indicating and storing flow and passed through volume data of conductive liquids. Flow Meter FC3 Records both positive and negative flow. As there are neither moving nor mechanical parts in the flow profile the device can measure extremely polluted liquids containing even solid particles. The only condiction that limits its use is the minimum electrical conductivity of fluid being measured.

Features :

  • Time and temperature bi-directional measurement stability
  • Internal CPU (able of corrections in case of low flow rate etc.)
  • Auto-diagnostics of electronic unit and pipeline
  • Data logger memory up to 15 000 values (programmable sample rate)
  • Data recovery in case of loss of data (due to high level electrostatic discharge etc.)
  • Detection of empty pipe

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Electromagnetic Heat Meter

The induction-based heat consumption meters operate on the principle of electromagnetic induction. This type of meter is used to measure rates of flow and consumption of energy of electrically conductive liquids. They are particulary suitable for applications where conventional mechanical types are not sufficiently reliabe and accurate and also when pressure drop is not acceptable.

The only factor limiting their applicability is a certain minimum electric conductivity of the liquid and low content of ferromagnetic particles. Measuring device consists of sensor, the pair of dual resistance termometers and electronic converter. The microprocessor controlled converter is provided with digital display, five push buttons, interface connector RS232 and terminals for connecting the sensor to extemal input/output equipment.

Features :

  • High accuracy of bi-directional flow and energy metering
  • Data backup in case of blackout
  • Simple mode and parameter selection
  • Energy and volume dosing





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