Signet 3519 Flow Wet-Tap Valve

3519 Flow Wet-Tap Valve
Signet 3519 Flow Wet-Tap Valve
3519 Flow Wet-Tap Valve

The Signet 3519 Flow Wet-Tap Valve serves as a unique interface between the installation fitting and the wet-tap style Signet 515 or 2536 Rotor-X flow sensor. It provides a fast method of removing the sensor from the pipe under specified operating pressures. The PVC and stainless steel design of the Wet-Tap makes it resistant to corrosion and chemical attack by acids, alkalies, salt, and a number of other harsh chemicals.

The Signet 3519 Wet-Tap Valve mounts directly onto standard Signet installation fittings. The 3519 Wet-Tap consists of a flange and support plate that threads onto the pipe fitting insert, and a PVC ball valve through which an extended length sensor is inserted into the pipe.

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  • Allows sensor removal without process shutdown
  • Pressure release valve for safe sensor removal
  • Dual safety lanyards
  • Rugged corrosion-resistant PVC construction and stainless steel hardware
  • Compatible with Signet 515 or 2536 Rotor-X Wet-Tap Flow Sensors
  • Eliminates process downtime


  • Filtration Systems
  • Chemical Production
  • Pump Protection
  • Scrubbers
  • Water Distribution
  • Effluent Totalization
  • Process Cooling Loops


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