Pulsar Pump Controllers
Pulsar Pump Controllers

Pulsar Pump Controllers

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Description Pump Controllers

Pump Controllers manufacture and supplies level, volume, open channel flow, pipe flow, sludge interface measurement, and pump control instrumentation.

Since 1997, Pulsar has risen to become one of the world-leading non-contacting measurement instrumentation manufacturers and their products are used in a wide variety of industries and applications worldwide.

By taking a step forward in echo processing technology, Pulsar has been able to address applications previously thought to be beyond the scope of ultrasonic level measurement and their improved initial signal processing at the transducer head has made it possible to increase resistance to electrical noise thus widening the number of possible applications.

Pulsar’s award-winning products are favored worldwide due to their reliability and easy menu-driven set-up. Pulsar’s product range has been designed to provide a full range of alternatives, from single-point-of-measurement installations right through to complex multi-point applications with digital communications and levels of measurement.

Pulsar’s pump controllers offer a variety of control routines depending on the level of pump automation and management you require. Ranging from simple pump control routines such as duty assist and duty back-up to more advanced routines such as pump efficiency, predictive maintenance and pump reversing.

Classification: Pump Control

  • Ultra 3 Pulsar’s Ultrasonic Measurement: Ultra 3 provides a reliable non-contacting ultrasonic level, volume, open channel flow measurement and pump control.
  • Ultra 4 Pulsar Non-contacting Ultrasonic Level Control and Flow Measurement: Ultra 4 offers the sophistication and advanced features of the rest of the Ultra range in a compact, cost-effective package and useful new features that make it even easier to set up and fine-tune.
  • Ultra 5 Pulsar’s Non-contacting Ultrasonic Level Control and Flow Measurement: Ultra 5 provides flexible and reliable non-contacting ultrasonic level and volume measurement, advanced pump control and measures open channel flow to BS ISO 1438 and 4359.
  • UltraTWIN Pulsar Ultrasonic Measurement: Flexibility is the UltraTWIN two-channel ultrasonic system.

Classification: Advanced Pump Control

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