Flux Flow Meter FMT 120

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flux Flow Meter FMT 120
Flow Meter FMT 120

For quality assurance, ecological and economic reasons, the requirements for safety and control in industry increase
constantly. When it comes to liquids handling, industry is concerned with ensuring absolute safety combined with
maximum measurement accuracy. FLUX flow meters meet these concerns and criteria. Their versatility and operating
simplicity make child’s play of measuring operations. Whether in stationary or flexible use with drum and container pumps or in plant engineering, whether with thin, pure, low-viscosity to high-viscosity media, our flow meters work safely and enable a successful process control.

Flow Meter FMT 120

The FLUX flow meter FMT 120 works on the turbine wheel principle and is an economical alternative to our flow meters FMO and FMC / FMJ. The FMT 120 is easy to handle and allows a fast and safe filling of media.

The turbine meter FMT 120 PP consists mainly of a turbine wheel freely rotating in the liquid flow. The medium flowing in the flow meter makes the turbine wheel turn, this is measured and evaluated. The evaluation of the partial
and total quantity is made via the LCD display.


  • Electronic flow meter with illuminated, digital display for flowing liquids according to the measuring principle of a turbine wheel meter
  • Two-line LED display shows the current dispensation values and the total stored volume or 8 partial stored volumes
  • Display can be mounted adjusted to the viewing angle or moved in the assembled state
  • Symmetrical measuring chamber for use in all directions of flow
  • Suitable for diesel / heating oil, AdBlue®, radiator antifreeze and water


  • Fast and secure filling of media
  • User-friendly operation
  • Fast and safe to calibrate


  • Aggressive media
  • Low-viscosity media
  • Neutral media
  • Non-flammable media
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