Hengesbach Pressure and Level Transmitter TPF 100/101

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Pressure and Level Transmitter TPF 100/101
Pressure and Level Transmitter TPF 100/101

The TPF pressure transmitters are suitable for taking pressure and filling level measurements in pipelines and containers. The wide range of hygienic process connections enables use in all applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Customer-specific process connections are also possible on request.

The vacuum-proof measuring cell with stainless steel membrane works on the basis of the piezoresistive measuring principle The TPF pressure transmitters are designed to measure from -1/0…0.35 to -1/0…100 bar. Special measuring ranges are also available on request. Given the nature of the design for long-term medium temperatures of up to 125°C / 200°C, CIP and SIP cleaning methods can be used on the transmitters. The high protection classes of IP67 and IP69K also mean that the devices can be safely cleaned on the outside with foam and a high-pressure cleaner and that moisture is reliably prevented from entering into the device.


  • precise measurements with ≤ ± 0,15% FS
  • wide range of process connections for hygienic applications
  • TurnDown 10
  • vacuum-proof piezoresistive measuring cell with stainless steel membrane
  • measuring ranges from 100mbar
  • easy to clean an high protection classes IP 67 und IP69K
  • integrated on-site display or external OPUSM display and operating module for parametrization and display of measuring values
  • application strengths: measurement of content of pressured tanks / vacuum measurements with high temperatures
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