Hengesbach Pressure and Level Transmitter PZT050D Series

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Pressure and Level Transmitter PZT050D Series
Pressure and Level Transmitter PZT050D Series

The PZT050D pressure transmitters are characterized by their modular process connection system and are suitable for measuring pressure and filling level in hygiene applications. The flush-mounted measuring cell with stainless steel membrane enables measur­ing ranges of -1/0…0.35bar to -1/0…100bar. The robust construction of the stainless steel field housing containing the protection classes IP 67 and IP 69K, makes the PZT050D pressure transmitter suitable for all common exterior cleaning procedures. The 050D series pressure transmitters are equipped with a micro processor controlled electronics system and an accuracy of ≤ ± 0.2% FS. They are parametrized with a simple and user-friendly operating concept via 2 keys and a multi-color status LED. A Turn Down of up to 4 can be set using the full and empty adjustment.

The process connection is characterized by the elastomer-free sealing cone, providing a metallic seal. A wide range of hygienic process connections are available as process connection adapters. This includes the female unions DIN 11864-1, VARIVENT®, DRD, DIN 32676 clamp etc.. The modular process connection system of the PZT050D pressure transmitter makes an active contribution to cost-reduction.


  • simple parametering via 2-key concept and multi-colour status-LED
  • accuracy ≤ ± 0,2%FS
  • modular process connection system with elastomic free sealing cone
  • output signal 4…20mA, TURNDOWN 4
  • measuring ranges from -1/0…0,35bar up to -1/0…100bar
  • easy to clean and high protection classes IP 67 und IP 69K
  • simple calibration, even without disconnection of the transmitter, through switchable power supply plant / calibrator supply
  • for measurement of pressure and filling level in tanks and pipes with basic requirements
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