Hengesbach Pressure and Level Transmitter KERAMESS KS 200/201

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Pressure and Level Transmitter KERAMESS KS 200/201
Pressure and Level Transmitter KERAMESS KS 200/201

The KERAMESS pressure transmitters are suitable for taking pressure and filling level measurements in pipelines and containers. The wide range of process connections enables use in all applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The vacuum-proof and extremely overload safe measuring cell with a ceramic membrane made of highly pure aluminium oxide works on the basis of the capacitive measuring principle.

All the pressure transmitters in series 200/201 are highly precise and have been developed for difficult tank content measurements and, in particular, for applications with constantly high temperatures of up to 200°C. In addition to the features of the 200/201 series, the pressure transmitters in the 200H/201H series boast an integrated HART® modem. This also enables remote configuration and evaluation of the transmitters using the HART® protocol.


  • high precision ≤ ± 0,05% FS, turn down 10, vacuum safe
  • optional with HART®-protocol
  • with dry ceramic measuring cell
  • tank linearisation for standard tank shapes and special designs thanks to volumetric measurement
  • diagnosis function for monitoring of devices
  • copying of device parameters with easy transfer
  • integrated on-site display or external OPUSi display and operating module for parametrisation and display of measuring values
  • highly precise measurement of the content and process pressure with small measuring ranges with overload-safe ceramic measuring cell
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