Copal Pressure Indicators

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Copal pressure Indicator, integrated production in-house from the semiconductor sensor elements to the final products. To Amp. built-in type from the module type, and even boasts a rich line-up such as the type which includes a switch function and indicators. Line with customer needs, a business structure that can fine-grained correspondence is also one of the features.

Copal indicator is used in combination with a pressure sensor with an amplifier. The pressure is indicated in the digital form with a voltage input of 1~5 V or a current input of 4~20 mA.

Copal Pressure indicator PZ-30


  • Pressure indicators separated from the sensor and Can be used with a variety of sensors
  • Wide range of applications such as pneumatic equipment or semiconductor equipment
  • Any range of pressure sensors is available
  • Low power consumption by non-display mode
  • Set data protection by the panel lock function
Input signal1~5 V (V) / 4~20 mA (I)
Input impedance10 kΩ (V) /250 Ω (I)
Supply voltage10.8~30 V DC
Output statusNPN/PNP 2-point open collector output
Analog output1~5 VDC (Voltage output) / 4~20 mA (Current output)
Display accuracy± 0.2 (±1 counts)

Model Number Copal Pressure indicator

  1. Copal PZ-30-NVST Pressure indicator
  2. Copa PZ-30-NIST Pressure indicator
  3. Copa PZ-30-PVST Pressure indicator
  4. Copa PZ-30-PIST Pressure indicator
  5. Copa PZ-30-NVSTI Pressure indicator
  6. Copa PZ-30-NISTI Pressure indicator
  7. Copa PZ-30-PVSTI Pressure indicator
  8. Copa PZ-30-PISTI Pressure indicator
  9. Copa PZ-30-NVCN Pressure indicator
  10. Copa PZ-30-NICN Pressure indicator
  11. Copa PZ-30-PVCN Pressure indicator 
  12. Copa PZ-30-PICN Pressure indicator 

Copal Pressure indicator PZ-200


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