Valcom – VPRT(F) series Pressure Transmitter untuk Tekanan Menengah Keatas

VPRT(F) series merupakan pressure transmitter dengan akurasi tinggi (Non Linearity: ±0.2%R.C.). Sensornya yang terintegrasi dengan diafragma menawarkan daya tahan dan umur yang panjang.

VPRT(F) Series ini dapat mengukur tekanan positif dan majemuk dalam kisaran 1 kPa hingga 100 MPa dari kapasitas pengenal (Kisaran kalibrasi: 0,5 MPa hingga 100 MPa) dan menentukan lebih dari 50% dari nilai kapasitas terukur dari rentang kalibrasi.

  • Akurasi tinggi (Non Linearitas: ± 0,2% R.C.)
  • Sensor mesin yang terintegrasi dengan diafragma menawarkan daya tahan dan umur yang panjang.
  • Output analog yang melimpah tersedia. [4 ~ 20mA (sistem 2 kawat, 4 sistem kawat), 1 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V]

Aplikasi Cairan

  • Air
  • Minyak
  • gas
  • Cairan lain yang tidak merusak SUS603 atau 15-5PH (Stainless steel yang dikeraskan)


Non Linearity±0.2%R.C. (1MPa: ±0.3%R.C.)
Hysteresis±0.2%R.C. (1MPa: ±0.3%R.C.)
Compensated Temperature Range (Temperature of medium to be measured)-20~70°C(No condensation or freezing)
Safe Temperature Range (Temperature of medium to be measured)-30~80°C(No condensation or freezing)
Temperature Effect on Zero Balance±0.2%R.C./10°C
Temperature Effect on Load±0.2%R.C./10°C
Safe Overload Rating150%R.C.
Ultimate Overload Rating200%R.C.
Insulation Resistance100MΩ or more (DC50V)
Pressure Port MaterialSUS630 or 15-5PH (Precipitation hardening stainless steels) (*1)
Connection ScrewSelectable: R3/8 and G3/8 (100MPa: R1/2 or G1/2)
Fastening Torque; Recommended1~5MPa: 20N・m
10~50MPa: 40N・m, 100MPa: 80N・m
Fastening Torque; Maximum1~5MPa: 30N・m
10~50MPa: 60N・m, 100MPa: 120N・m
PowerSelectable: DC24V(±10%), 5DC12V(±10%)
*Only 24V DC available when analog output is A5.
Cable4- or 2-core shielded (oilproof) cable
2m(Standard) φ6mm
WeightApprox. 200g(Cable not included)
AccessoriesOperation manual (1 copy)(Specify English or Japanese.)
Test report (1 copy)
Copper packing(×1)(G screw only)
Model pemilihan
1.ModelVPRTHigh Accurate Pressure Transmitter for Middle High Pressure
*Connection screw: R3/8(100MPa: R1/2 only)
VPRTFHigh Accurate Pressure Transmitter for Middle High Pressure
*Connection screw: G3/8(100MPa: G1/2 only)
2.Analog output *Only A6 available for waterproof terminal box typeOutput typeResponse frequencySafe load resistanceConsumption current
A21~5V500Hz5kΩ or moreApprox. 23mA
A34~20mADC24V: 500Ω or lessApprox. 40mA
(4 wire system)DC12V: 250Ω or less
A40~5V5kΩ or moreApprox. 23mA
A50~10V5kΩ or moreApprox. 23mA
A64~20mA1kHzDC24V: 500Ω or less
(2 wire system)DC12V: 150Ω or less
3.CalibrationRated capacityExample of the calibration range
See the right table. Enter the range in the as it is.1MPa1MPa0.5MPa-0.1~1MPa
4.Cable ConnectionBlankStandard connector   Equivalent to IP40
WWaterproof connector   Equivalent to IP56
SPigtail Equivalent to IP54
TWaterproof terminal box type Equivalent to IP55
*Applicable only when analog output is A6.・Cable not included
5DC12V(±10%) *Not available when analog output is A5.
6.Length(Cable)2m2m Standard
□□mOther lengths
*Contact our sales office for other cable lengths.

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