Hengesbach Pressure and Level Transmitter PZM/VRM 200/201

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Pressure and Level Transmitter PZM/VRM 200/201
Pressure and Level Transmitter PZM/VRM 200/201

The digital pressure and level transmitters PIEZOMESS PZM / VARIMESS VRM – Series 200, with their O-ring seals, are suitable for pressure and level measurements without dead spaces, under strict cleanliness conditions, as well as for viscous and crystallising media. They have a modular, flush-mounted connection concept with various adaptors. 

The PIEZOMESS PZM / VARIMESS VRM – Series 100 consists of one basic device, which can be combined with various application-specific adaptors, e.g. welding sockets, DRD, VARIVENT, DIN 11851, Clamp, Flange DIN, etc. In combination with the advantages of digital electronics, e.g. a large measuring range and on-site adjustability, this concept results in clearly reduced storage space and spare parts and thus to a cost reduction in materials administration. During operation, various pressure units can be shown on the local display (OPUS), along with the sensor temperature as a secondary process indicator. The display and operating module has either been integrated into the field housing or is available as an external housing with a plug connection. 


  • High precision ≤ ± 0,05% FS, turn down 10, vacuum safe
  • Further scope of functions thanks to programmability
  • Optional with HART® protocol
  • Tank linearisation for standard tank shapes and special designs thanks to volumetric measurement with OPUSi
  • Diagnosis function for monitoring of devices
  • Copying of device parameters with easy transfer
  • Integrated on-site display or external OPUSi display and operating module for parametrisation and display of measuring values
  • Application strenght: highly precise measurement of content pressurised tanks / vacuum measurements with high temperatures
  • EHEDG-aseptic certified modular process connection system
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