Copal Pressure Switches

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Solid-state pressure switches Copal PS series

Copal pressure Switches, integrated production in-house from the semiconductor sensor elements to the final products. To Amp. built-in type from the module type, and even boasts a rich line-up such as the type which includes a switch function and indicators. Line with customer needs, a business structure that can fine-grained correspondence is also one of the features.

The PS series copal pressure switches are solid-state pressure switches consisting of a semiconductor type pressure transducer and electronic circuits which turn on and off according to a preset pressure value.

The electronic circuits are composed of a voltage to current conversion circuit which supplies electric current needed for excitation of the pressure transducer, an amplifier which amplifies the pressure transducer signal and a comparator & output circuit which compares the amplified pressure transducer output and the preset voltage corresponding to the preset pressure value and turns the output transistor on and off.

The pressure setting can be made easily by adjusting the potentiometer. The switch output is given by an open collector transistor and can turn on and off an external load. The state of the switch output can be visually confirmed by an indicator LED.

Copal Product PS Series Pressure switches

Copal Pressure switch PS20


  • Ultra-small size pressure transducer with Amp.
  • With 1 switch output
  • 2 types of pressure ports are available
  • Meet EMC standards


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