Copal Pressure Sensors

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Copal pressure sensors, integrated production in-house from the semiconductor sensor elements to the final products. To Amp. built-in type from the module type, and even boasts a rich line-up such as the type which includes a switch function and indicators. Line with customer needs, a business structure that can fine-grained correspondence is also one of the features.

A pressure sensor is a device that converts fluid pressure into an electrical signal. NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS pressure sensors are man u fractured from the semiconductor pressure sensing chips to a variety of pressure sensor products at its own facility.

NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS pressure sensors feature

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Excellent electrical and mechanical performance
  • Wide range of product

Copal Pressure Sensors (Module)

Diffusion type semi-conductor pressure sensors P series A basic pressure sensing device that converts pressure into an electrical signal.  The output is in the form of voltage which is proportional to the applied pressure. The output voltage will be positive when the pressure is positive and negative when the pressure

  • Pressure transducer Copal P-2000
  • Copal Pressure transducer P-3000S
  • Pressure transducer Copal P-8300
  • Copal Pressure transducer P-8305
  • Pressure transducer Copal P-8505

Copal Pressure Sensors (with Amp.)

The PA series pressure transducers are a

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