Be an Entrepreneur or Employee?

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Two arguments that have always been a never-ending debate among Indonesian people with the majority of the people still poorly educated and narrow-minded.

A: Ah, isn’t being entrepreneur is better because having your own business means you are free to set your own regulations and rules, free to govern others, free to choose your own time off, free to creatively develop ideas and skills, basically you have all sort of freedom.

B: No. It’s better to work as an employee in an established company, because you can get a lot of benefits. For starter, you can get allowance, such as; housing allowance, car or transportation allowance, healthcare allowance, life insurance, and Jamsostek. You get the same amount of money every month, not less; and at the end of the year, you can get a double bonus. If luck is on your side, every year you can get increases in salary, increases in other benefits, etc.

Thus, these two arguments mentioned above become an opinion, impeachment, statement, or even blessing for some people. Then it was believed to be the only true argument by each respective group, both the pro and contra groups against each others’ arguments about being workers or entrepreneurs, who run the business on their own.

Well, in this section lets discuss which one fits and suits us best. Is it A, who runs a business by themselves or are we already comfortable with our job and even have been ventured for more than 20 years for B.

Should these two arguments be debated, should we choose between running our own business or having a job? Is there any desire to combine or mix these two ideas to become united and complete each other. And become something that we can learn, plan, practice, and do accordingly with what suits us best so that it can define us as a character, character as a human, who wants to have freedom yet responsible for one’s own business but still have a job somewhere else.

  1. How to combine and mix the ideas properly to make something that can define us in the future?
  2. What kind of obstacles that we would face when we combine running business and working?
  3. What needs to be prepared to keep ourselves firm and energized to mix these ideas, especially on the entrepreneur’s side
  4. Continue properly and accordingly
  5. Fill in, if you want to challenge yourself and balance your right and left brain

During this crisis situation that does not seem going to end anytime soon, there’s nothing wrong if we spend a little time and hone our skills, and to better ourselves as human in society, to be more useful by running our own business and hire others.

Lets keep having these discussion of Employees vs. Entrepreneurs.

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