Don’t be Afraid to Start Business in Your Own House

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Many of us think of studying business is an investment for the future. But unfortunately, many of us are still hesitant to try. As a beginner, of course, we will be afraid of not having enough money when they want to try running a business, afraid of the business not going to succeed or fails midway. It is normal because obstacles such as money, competitors, place of business and the type of business; are inevitable.

Keep in mind, when starting a business; we need to put aside our fear. Try to have some confidence, have faith that money or capital is not something to be feared. Because it is common to be afraid of not having money as your capital, while most businesses got money from investors or banks.

What matters is, you want to work hard and you want to move forward. Remember, JANGAN TAKUT KALAU INGIN BERHASIL is a saying, while it is short but contains a very deep meaning if we fully comprehend it.

“Berani mencoba dan memulai bisnis adalah awal dari kesuksesan. Tidak berani mencoba dan takut memulai adalah kegagalan yang tiada akhir.”

Starting business practices in your own home

Although underestimated, starting to run business in your house or garage is often an alternative, yet effective, the choice for beginners. Learning business does not always mean you need to start with a lot of money, but can be started and managed with a tight budget. And surprisingly, many world-class companies are started from this simple place.

There are so many creative ways that can be done when starting to run business, especially to work around your workplace. To work around your own workplace, you can start by using the living room to also be used for the administration room. In fact, rooms that are not used can be used for workspaces and if there is a garage, it can also be used as a workshop or gallery.

There are many people who just started doing business, recklessly making their terrace and the front yard of the house as their workspace, especially when they need to complete an abundant amount of orders. Even there are those who can be said to be too reckless, by making the empty lot owned by their neighbor/developer as their workplace by simply making tents (of course with their permission).

Actually, there are many ways to start running a business on the scale of home business/informal business such as opening a shop at home. The type of business that can be considered as a good stepping stone is a restaurant, hand-made souvenirs, printing, shipping services, boutiques, and many others. For those who do not own a place can try by using places provided for street stalls such as ice cream, meatballs, Soto, Cingur, Pecel, es Dawet, es Tebu, etc.

Keep in mind; you can start a business with little to no money. What you need is great courage and enthusiasm to have a better life in the future.

If you want a comparison, basically entrepreneurship and marriage are quite similar. If you are at the learning stage of starting a business, try to pay attention to what should we prepare before getting married. We know that marriage is a basic human need, which during our journey of building a family there are many problems that arise such as:

  • Have you thought about what will happen if you got fired from your job?
  • Have you thought if, after 10 years of your marriage, you still cannot afford your own house?
  • Has it crossed your mind, that maybe you cannot have children?
  • Have you planned if later it turns out that your husband/wife cheats?
  • Has the thought of your wife/husband passes away crossed your mind?

And yet, there are many more possibilities that could happen after marriages. But because we have faith that marriage is a human basic need, we do it both for individual needs or to continue the survival of human beings.

What makes you determined to start running your own business is you have the courage and desire to have a better life, life that is more defined by your goals in the future. You cannot realize your vision and mission of building a family if you are not married. Remember what makes you determined to get married is when you have these things;

  1. You have a future bride/groom
  2. You have vision and mission
  3. You have faith
  4. You have the courage to execute at the earliest possible time
  5. You have sufficient preparation


It is quite similar in business. To build a business as basic human needs, to be independent and good financially, you need to have these things:

  • You have ideas and concepts
  • You have vision and mission
  • You have faith
  • You have the courage to execute at the earliest possible time
  • You have sufficient preparation

From the description mentioned above, if you are someone who is intelligent, courageous and full of confidence that your future is in your hands and the hands of your wife/family then there will be no more excuses.

“Yang pasti anda akan mengucapkan Bismillah, dengan ini saya akan memulai suatu usaha.”

With the bitter experience you have had so far, the fortune you have enjoyed all this time, and the knowledge you have, even if you are now caught up in financial problems and feel you have nothing; Look around and realize what you have now (wife, children, friends, relationships & life experiences) are more than enough to start.

When should you start?

No more excuses.

If you are done reading this writing, then this is the time

This is the time to START…

No more delay, no more excuses…

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