Neglected Assets

From many stories heard from the experience of people who have undergone independent business, where the ending expected with the business bore fresh and big fruit, but in reality, the fruit was not large, even rotten, and even the tree wither away which eventually collapses or dead, with no news. From all the experiences of … Lanjutkan membaca Neglected Assets

Burnt Because You Overcook

Again the stacked newspapers were brought to the table, followed by searching for magazines, tabloids, and books that have long been piled up in the house. Turned back and forth, looked for articles about the business to find the right ingredients. Hoping there will be courage emerged inside to open a business. Still, it is … Lanjutkan membaca Burnt Because You Overcook

Don’t be Afraid to Start Business in Your Own House

Many of us think of studying business is an investment for the future. But unfortunately, many of us are still hesitant to try. As a beginner, of course, we will be afraid of not having enough money when they want to try running a business, afraid of the business not going to succeed or fails … Lanjutkan membaca Don’t be Afraid to Start Business in Your Own House

Mau dibawa kemana bisnis Kita

Mau dibawa kemana bisnis anda….? Ketika kita mempunyai keinginan dengan segala ide-ide dalam memulai wirausaha yang paling utama dilakukan adalah mecari bisnis yang cocok dengan kondisi diri kita dan keluarga. Kecocokan jenis bisnis yang akan kita geluti tentunya telah dilakukan penilaian dari banyak sudut seperti kondisi modal, keinginan, pengetahuan, lokasi, pengalaman, dukungan dan mungkin adanya … Lanjutkan membaca Mau dibawa kemana bisnis Kita