Neglected Assets

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From many stories heard from the experience of people who have undergone independent business, where the ending expected with the business bore fresh and big fruit, but in reality, the fruit was not large, even rotten, and even the tree wither away which eventually collapses or dead, with no news.

From all the experiences of the perpetrators, of course, information can be gathered and a conclusion can be taken which is then, based on the information, we can plan for ourselves. if we want to be serious and determined to have an independent business even though we still work, we can live in two dreamy life (becoming a director at the workplace and becoming a presenter in a shop that we want to run).

To be a presenter of business that will be initiated in the independent business world, we have to better prepare our mentality, so we can always be optimistic when carrying it out. When we have struggled to be an employee and with the savings that we do, we might have assets that seem dead, silent and neglected most of the time, such as savings, homes, cars, and others.

If you have assets (if redeemed) 200 million (home value, car , land, savings) from 2005. Has this value increases to 1,200 million in 2009? or at least 600 million?

If not, that was unfortunate

You have made a big mistake.
You have allowed 4 years of your life wasted for nothing.
You have never used and optimized the amazing brain given to you by God.
Do you realize, that you have been managing your asset wrong and carelessly?

Isn’t your assets right now, a blessing granted by God?
Isn’t you already been given a blessing to have worked as a supervisor, manager, engineer, etc?

Are you aware that you are a product of high education, university, or teaching institution has get you to a higher class, limited community, community filled workers, community that is relentless, community filled with hardworking and creative individuals!

We should be aware that car, savings (with minimal bank interest), house or land that we own, given proper management, these assets’ value can multiply, at least 5 times, in the next 5 years.

Have we notice this and think this through?
If not, then We it can be concluded that; we have never been really grateful for all these blessings that God has given?

If you realize that you have neglected, ignored, indifferent and want to improve from your past, start now by doing these steps:
1. List all assets that you own
2. List potential asset that you have skills (if you feel skilled), intelligence (if you feel smart), talent, time, relations, and family
3. Consider all the assets that you have
4. Make a plan to increase your assets, starting from how, when, and where?
5. Prepare all the devices you need
6. If you are still confused, look for references in books, seminars, internet, dialogue in radio, business forums, etc.
7. You still do not have stability?
8. Let us build a two-way communication, communication with dialogues, communication that supportive, that gives, receives, and spread empathy to fellow communities; to resolve all issues; to achieve quality improvement in society, to lead, construct, develop, and progress our beloved country Indonesia with slogan “Improve and sharpen the spirit of entrepreneurship in Indonesia community”

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