Burnt Because You Overcook

Again the stacked newspapers were brought to the table, followed by searching for magazines, tabloids, and books that have long been piled up in the house. Turned back and forth, looked for articles about the business to find the right ingredients. Hoping there will be courage emerged inside to open a business. Still, it is … Lanjutkan membaca Burnt Because You Overcook

Be an Entrepreneur or Employee?

Two arguments that have always been a never-ending debate among Indonesian people with the majority of the people still poorly educated and narrow-minded. A: Ah, isn't being entrepreneur is better because having your own business means you are free to set your own regulations and rules, free to govern others, free to choose your own … Lanjutkan membaca Be an Entrepreneur or Employee?


Banyak dari kita pasti akan berpikir untuk memulai usaha sebagai bekal di masa depan. Tapi sayang, banyak dari kita yang masih ragu untuk memulainya. Sebagai pemula, tentu kita akan merasakan yang namanya takut tak punya modal. Merasa takut bila nanti usahanya tidak berhasil atau gagal di tengah jalan, hingga kendala banyaknya pesaing yang memiliki jenis … Lanjutkan membaca JANGAN TAKUT MEMULAI BISNIS DARI EMPERAN TERAS SEKALIPUN !!