Kobold Rotating Vane-Low Volume

Rotating Vane-Low Volume KFF-1, KFG-1 Measuring range:15 - 100 ml/min ... 1 - 10 l/min water25 - 100 ml/min ... 100 - 500 l/min airConnection: G ⅛  ... G ½Material: brass, Ryton®, PTFEpmax: 35 bartmax: 50°CAccuracy: ±3 % of full scaleViscosity range: low viscosityPulse output, 0 - 5 VDC Rotating Vane-Low Volume KFF-3, KFG-3 Measuring range:15 - 100 ml/min ... 1 - 10 l/min … Lanjutkan membaca Kobold Rotating Vane-Low Volume

Kobold PEL-L Turbine Wheel-Low Volume

PEL-L Turbine Wheel-Low Volume The sensor principle based on a Pelton water wheel is remarkable for its high reliability – proven over more than ten years of service. This flowmeter is to be found in applications in a variety of plants, where they are mainly used for measuring of negligible volumetric flow rates of media … Lanjutkan membaca Kobold PEL-L Turbine Wheel-Low Volume

Kobold SFL Low Volume Turbine Wheel Flowmeter

SFL Low Volume Turbine Wheel Flowmeter The KOBOLD Messring GmbH is one of the leading international instrumentation engineering enterprises specialized on monitoring, measuring and regulating the physical quantities of flow through, pressure, level and temperature. The model SFL low volume flow meter is particularly suitable for service with liquids free from solids. The liquids must … Lanjutkan membaca Kobold SFL Low Volume Turbine Wheel Flowmeter