Kobold SFL Low Volume Turbine Wheel Flowmeter

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Kobold SFL Low Volume Turbine Wheel Flowmeter
SFL Low Volume Turbine Wheel Flowmeter

The KOBOLD Messring GmbH is one of the leading international instrumentation engineering enterprises specialized on monitoring, measuring and regulating the physical quantities of flow through, pressure, level and temperature.

The model SFL low volume flow meter is particularly suitable for service with liquids free from solids. The liquids must be transmissive for infrared light (for example: water, oil, chemicals). The plastic or stainless steel material combination allows service with aggressive media.

Measuring range: 0.5 – 20 l/min water
Connection: G ⅜
Material: PVDF, stainless steel
pmax: 250 bar
tmax: 90°C
Accuracy: ±1 % of reading
Pulse output

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  • Low-viscosity liquids (solids < 20 μm)
  • Ideal system for filling plants (food and drinks industry)
  • Volume batching, for example chemicals (with an external batching device)
  • Aggressive media

Method of Operation
The forced medium causes the turbine wheel to rotate. Housing geometry, light-weight turbine wheel and radial flowing liquid ensure that the rotor floats.

A suspended rotor ensures a long service life. The motion of the turbine wheel is sensed in a non-contacting manner with infrared diodes and converted to impulses.

This output signal is linear and proportional to the volumetric flow. The flow meter may be installed in any position.


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