Cleaver-Brooks Portable Boiler
Cleaver-Brooks Portable Boiler


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More than 90 years of innovation and expertise
MOBILE STEAM PLANT BOILERS by John C. Cleaver started manufacturing small, portable boilers in 1929. He joined forces with Raymond Brooks in 1931 to form Cleaver-Brooks, which began producing the world’s first packaged boiler. Through its commitment to research and development, the company today is the sole provider of integrated boiler, burner and controls solutions.

2020 – Today

2020 – Cleaver-Brooks launches Prometha® IoT-Connected Boiler Solutions. Prometha collects critical boiler data every six seconds and provides value-added insights that drive meaningful actions, making boiler optimization and troubleshooting simple.

Features include: asset diagnostic tool and trend reports; detailed shutdown alarm texts and emails with alarm history; consistent data collection for easy boiler system comparison; and secure data transmission over cellular to keep information safe.

Mobile Steam Plant Rentals Bring You Benefits

These units provide a fast, easy, self-contained solution that meets all facility requirements. Our mobile steam plants have everything required including feedwater pump and tank, fuel oil pump and blowdown separator, and chemical feed tank with pump and stub tank.

Trailer-Mounted Rental Solutions


Trailer-mounted rental boilers are secured to a customized trailer and can be quickly delivered, installed and started up anywhere, so you can get back to business more quickly. These rental units are ideal for ultra-critical steam and hot water needs in an industrial plant or facility.

Easily transported to your project with minimal installation or downtime, our trailer-mounted units require no cranes or rigging equipment. This saves time and money and allows you to get back to business quicker. These boilers are available in firetube and watertube options with a variety of steam and hot water capabilities.

Skid-Mounted Packaged Rental Solutions

A skid-mounted packaged boiler is the perfect way to satisfy your industrial boiler needs anytime, anywhere. Our skid-mounted boiler fleet consists of firetube boilers starting at 5 HP with operating pressures beginning at 15 PSI, and watertube units starting at 20,000 PPH. Superheat, hot water and low NOx boilers are also available.

Skid-mounted rental boilers are ideal for projects requiring an economical and optimized temporary boiler solution. These units are perfect for supplying high-power, high-efficiency boilers to projects in environments where every square foot matters.

Skid-Mounted Hydronic & Domestic Hot Water Rental Solutions

Cleaver-Brooks offers domestic and hot water rental boilers in many models and sizes with low NOx, natural gas, oil and combination options. Hydronic and domestic hot water boilers start at .4 MBTU with operating pressures starting at 15 PSI.

Auxiliary Equipment Rental Solutions

In addition to our expansive boiler rental inventory, Cleaver-Brooks also carries auxiliary equipment that can be rented alongside our boilers or individually.

  • Mobile water treatment trailers
  • Deaerators
  • Heat exchangers
  • SCR systems
  • Economizers
  • Boiler feedwater pumps and softeners
  • And much more

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